Martin Hinteregger’s father names conditions

Martin Hinteregger is one of the hottest irons at Eintracht Frankfurt and is particularly popular with clubs from England. His father now gave information about the situation.

The rumors about the departure of Adi Hutter’s defense chief have persisted recently. The interest of Southampton FC is known, another club from the Premier League is said to have offered 20 million euros. In addition, the advertisement for the Hinti villa in Frankfurt fits, where you could surcharge for a whopping 8350 euros per month – only cold rent. Is this about to say goodbye? Hardly, because the Austrian only moved in with his girlfriend.

In addition, the player has no offer. “There is nothing concrete about it, Martin sees his future in Frankfurt, has a contract until 2024. He blocks everything himself,” reports the Krone. His father further revealed: “Only a very big club would attract him – he is not interested in money anyway!”

Should a club knock on the upper shelves, Hinteregger could ponder again, but the signs strongly suggest they will stay. In autumn 2019, the central defender switched to SGE, for which he has played 70 games so far and scored eleven goals (nine in the last season alone).


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