Martin Schymainski warns of a downward spiral

After the false start
Martin Schymainski warns penguins of a downward spiral

After the two defeats at the start of the season, the penguins are already under pressure against the Kölner Haie. Sports director Sergey Saveljev stands protectively in front of the goalkeepers and sees no reason to panic.

After the first two days of play in the German Ice Hockey League, the red lantern on Westparkstrasse lights up. The penguins went off the ice with a defeat both in the home game against DEG (4: 6) and in the German runner-up in Wolfsburg (3: 6). What is noticeable is that the Krefeld team conceded a dozen goals in both games and one goal in numerical outnumbered in each game.

While some experts had feared before the season that the penguins in the goalkeeper position would not be optimally occupied, this now seems to be confirmed. Sergey Saveljev, in his triple function as managing director, sports director and goalkeeping coach, sees it completely differently and takes his keeper out of the line of fire. “Nikita Quapp did a good job on Friday. We changed the goalkeeper to give the team a new boost. Sergei Belov is also not to blame for the other goals conceded and for the goals against in Wolfsburg. “

Saveljev sees the reasons for the conceding tide elsewhere. “We didn’t play optimally in the defensive zone. We allowed too many follow-up shots and lost too many tackles. ”Saveljev watched both games on video with the coaching team on the way back from Wolfsburg. “All in all, we too often passed the target on to our opponents too easily. We have to keep the puck in our own ranks longer because we need more target control for our game. “

The multifunctional does not see any reason to panic at the moment. “Of course it’s a shame that we lost both games, but we’ve already scored seven goals after two games. Our young players played well and are already taking responsibility. You shouldn’t forget that Wolfsburg played very well on Sunday and that we were missing two important players at the weekend in Laurin Braun and Alexander Bergström. “

Saveljev was satisfied with the response from the audience and the support from the fans: “It was a special day for many of us to play in front of the black and yellow wall. The support was at a high level. ”We can only hope that the level of play will improve as quickly as possible. “We have to win more duels, that will bring us forward. It is too early to nail us to the cross now, ”says Saveljev.

Captain Martin Schymainski praised the spectators at the home game against DEG: “It was a great atmosphere, it’s a shame that we lost.” Then he looked at the reasons for the defeats: “On the defensive we made too many mistakes and we had too many puck losses. Strikers, defenders and goalkeepers did not perform at their best. Twice six goals conceded are simply too many, we had imagined that very differently. “

On Friday against Cologne (7.30 p.m. Yayla-Arena) it should work with a victory. “If we lose there again, we get into a downward spiral like last season and nobody wants that,” says the crowd favorite.