Martin Scorsese explains why the Marvel are not cinema


Last month, Martin Scorsese made some surprising statements about Marvel films. According to him, they are "amusement parks" and not cinema proper. This is extremely insulting for the staff who worked on these films, but also for those who really appreciate the Marvel, and who also love the creations of Martin Scorsese. The famous director did not stop there, in an article published in the New York Times entitled "I Said Marvel Movies Are Not Cinema"Scorsese gives a layer.

Instead of apologizing, and going back on his words, Scorsese explained the bottom of his thinking by showing that Marvel films are not cinema, supposedly that these films are not the same kind of art that he and others did. If the director admits nevertheless that it is a question of taste and personal temperament, continuing to defend that a Marvel is not cinema.

Everyone has their own vision of art

It is important to remember that art is completely subjective, and when someone, even Martin Scorsese, tries to impose their way of thinking, there is a problem. Especially when reading the article we quickly understand that he has not quite taken the time to focus and plunge into the Marvel universe. Paradoxically, Mr. Scorsese explains that he himself grew up with his own favorite franchises. "Every new Hitchcock film was an event. Being in a packed house in one of the old cinemas looking at "Window on Courtyard" was an extraordinary experience: it was an event created by the alchemy between the audience and the image itself, and it was electrifying. "

Martin Scorsese shot himself in the foot, explaining that he did not like the mechanics of the Marvel. For him each film is a kind of remake of the previous without great innovation in the plot. However, it would have been wise to remind Mr. Scorsese that part of his filmography, as qualitative as it is, tends to resemble himself. Be it the freedmen, casino, the Infiltrates, or even more recently The Irishman, the atmosphere and acting can be confusing.


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