Martín Vizcarra assures that Congress and the Government will eliminate themselves due to their conflicts

Former President Martín Vizcarra assured this Tuesday that he sees success difficult in the third presidential vacancy motion because they will not reach 87 votes to achieve the dismissal of Pedro Castillo. In this sense, he criticized that two powers of the State are immersed in a “fratricidal war.”

“What there is here is a frontal war between Congress and the Government, all levels of politics and diplomacy have already been lost. Here there is a fratricidal war: ‘either I kill or I die’. Do you know how all this will end? ?in which both institutions are going to eliminate themselves, that is a matter of months and both are going to disappear”, he expressed in the program Everything is known from RPP News.

Martin Vizcarra also pointed out that In Boluarte he would not replace Pedro Castillo as head of state in case he is vacated because the intention of Congress is to remove all the management of the current president.

“It is obvious that Congress does not want In Boluarte As president, she wants the entire Castillo government to leave. By the time she takes office, it will be a matter of weeks before they take her out, because Parliament wants to enter the Palace not through the door but through the window, that’s why I say they are going to eliminate themselves,” she said.

Martin Vizcarra He maintained that no one is going to defend the Government for its inefficiency, but pointed out that Congress “wants an underfunded budget law, lobbies for the consumption tax, and they are also trying to lower the Forestry and Wildlife Law.”

Defends over purchases of rapid tests

Martín Vizcarra ruled out that there were irregularities in the purchase of rapid tests in his government, this after he is investigated by the Audit Commission for alleged acts of corruption during the coronavirus pandemic.

“It is very easy to talk (about rapid tests), everything is done with documents in the public administration. We have presented documents that they did not have to the Oversight Commission. Rapid tests and molecular tests were purchased. Minister Hinostroza signed the decree” he expressed.

The former president acknowledged that he participated in a meeting with the health minister and other business providers of the COVID tests, but he pointed out that he knew at that time who those people were. However, he stressed that the main supplier and winner of the tender was not at the meeting.

“The supplier that won the largest purchase was not at the meeting. This is what they told me about this investigation (in Congress),” he emphasized.