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Martyna Wojciechowska commented on Przemek Kossakowski’s photo

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Martyna Wojciechowska and Przemek Kossakowski split up. The traveler was the first to confirm the sad rumors about the end of the relationship.

“As you know, I very rarely comment on my personal life, but in connection with recent media reports and numerous speculations, I would like you to hear a few words directly from me“- she wrote on her Instagram, calling for her privacy to be respected.

Soon after, mine the statement was also made by her ex-partner.

“I don’t want to run away from responsibility, I would just like to write that judging, knowing someone’s life only through the prism of media exposure, is judging on the basis of uniqueness having nothing to do with real life “- wrote Przemysław Kossakowski, commenting on the media buzz around his breakup.

There was an avalanche of comments under the post, among them incl. entry from the official TTV account:

Quczaj also took the floor:

– he wrote shortly Olivier Janiak.

(The rest of the article can be found under the video)

Martyna Wojciechowska replied to the comment under the photo of her husband

Przemek Kossakowski also received words of support from Lydia Kazen, program director of TTV, and privately friends of the former couple, who was even present at their wedding.

– she wrote under the photo.

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Although Martyna Wojciechowska no longer officially follows her husband on Instagram, the post about their breakup did not escape her attention, nor did the comments below it. The traveler decided to reply to the one added by a friend.

Photo: Instagram / Przekossakowski

Martyna Wojciechowska commented on the entry about the breakup of Przemek Kossakowski

Martyna Wojciechowska’s answer quickly gained hundreds of likes. Since then, neither she nor her ex-partner have commented on their breakup again.

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