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Marvin Lewis does not believe that Lamar Jackson survives so much

BALTIMORE – Marvin Lewis, Cincinnati Bengals coach, questioned Lamar Jackson's longevity after the Ravens rookie had played more than any other quarterback in the Super Bowl era in the first round.

"Quarterbacks are not running forever in the NFL," Lewis said after beating Baltimore 24-21. "Sooner or later they get hurt and do not run right away, but today he could run and did a good job."

On his first start, Jackson ran 27 times (including three knee-downs at the end of the game) – five times more than any quarterback since 1960, according to Elias Sports Bureau. His 117 yards crashed most of a quarterback in four years.

Successful quarterbacks like Randall Cunningham, Donovan McNabb, Daunte Culpepper and Michael Vick suffered at least one significant seasonal injury in their careers. Jackson only had some tough hits in the game on Sunday, but he had some big shots in the preseason because he did not want to slip. Ravens coach John Harbaugh does not foresee Jackson playing the ball like he did on Sunday.

"I think Lamar thought that was necessary today," Harbaugh said. "I do not think it needs so many transmissions every week, it's not what we're going to stretch, but if it needs so many, Lamar will do it, but no, he's got some hits. they knew that the quarterback would play the ball, they went a bit towards him as you would expect, that's something we need to look at. "

When he replaced the injured Joe Flacco (hip), Jackson threw the ball 19 times and completed 13 passes. Flacco is not expected to play on Sunday. So Baltimore has two weeks to go quarterback.

If the Ravens stay with Jackson, his running style leads to problems in the defense of the opponents. All six of Baltimore's remaining opponents are in run defense in the lower half of the NFL: Oakland (# 31), Atlanta (# 21), Kansas City (# 22), Tampa Bay (# 19), Los Angeles Chargers (# 18) and Cleveland (# 28).

Jackson, number 32 in this year's draft, was known for his ability to run in Louisville. In three seasons, he ran 4,132 yards and averaged 17.2 quick attempts per game. According to Pro Football Focus, 73 percent of Jackson's rushing yards were designed runs.

"I think that's Lamar when you formulated it," said Ravens Safety, Eric Weddle. "Why do you suddenly want to change what he does best? Look at what he did today, it was crazy, pretty amazing, it only gets better when he throws the ball, the element he can do Make him Lamar Jackson: I hope nothing ever happens, but that's the way it is, you have to play to your strengths, especially now when he plays, I'm not worried, if you're worried about it, you should not I designed it. "



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