Mary impressed with floating office in Rotterdam

Crown Princess Mary hopes that buildings such as the Floating Office in Rotterdam will serve as an example of future-proof construction worldwide. The Danish royal said so in her speech on Tuesday during a visit to the innovative floating office that will open in 2021.

The visit to the building on the water is part of the trade mission that Mary and her husband Frederik are bringing to the Netherlands this week. Because the floating office is built almost entirely of wood and, for example, uses the cold of the water in summer to keep it cool inside, it is a good example of sustainability and innovation, one of the themes of the trip. “I’m sure this office will serve as an inspiration to many people around the world,” she said, among other things.

The crown princess also said she was personally impressed by the wooden structure. “I was in awe as I walked up to the building. I thought, wow, this is good. It is also surrounded by water and therefore calming and therefore a good working environment,” said Mary, who had indeed looked at the building for a long time on arrival before stepping through the door.


Because the building stands on the water, Mary also made the link between the Netherlands and Denmark. After all, because of their location, both countries are used to taking water into account when building, she said. Something that, according to the princess, will only increase in the coming years in view of climate change and rising sea levels. “The challenges, as we all know, are difficult and complex and require, in addition to creative and innovative thinking, a collaboration like we have never done before.”

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Mary is confident in future cooperation between the Netherlands and Denmark in this area. “With a combination of the Dutch and Danish vision, ambition and technical expertise, I am sure we will find the necessary solutions,” concluded the Danish Crown Princess.