Marysol Sosa responds to Sarita’s lawyer

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After the Sarita Sosa’s lawyer will point out that José José’s will read in Mexico City is not valid, Marysol, the eldest daughter of “Prince of Song” He responded by defending what apparently was his father’s last wish: to leave Anel Noreña as universal heir.

Marysol Sosa defended her father's last will, which apparently was to leave her mother, Anel Noreña, as the universal heir to his assets.  Photo: AFP

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Marysol Sosa defended her father’s last will, which apparently was to leave her mother, Anel Noreña, as the universal heir to his assets. Photo: AFP

The legal representative of Sara Sosa and Sara Salazar He assured that the inheritance belongs to them because the interpreter of “Gavilán o paloma” died in the United States and not in Mexico. He indicated that the case has to be resolved in accordance with Miami laws that would recognize Anel as the ex-wife of Jose jose and his daughter Sara as his true legal representative.

Marysol Sosa responds to Sarita’s lawyer

The Sara Sosa’s lawyer He even commented that there was no such will that grants the inheritance to Anel and what does exist, is a document with legal power that confers the assets of Jose jose his youngest daughter.

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At the lawyer’s remarks, Marysol defended the document that was read in Mexico City.

“Over there they have always seen all this as a game… we have a very serious case, the laws of my country are. I don’t know this person (the lawyer) or who he is. Of the things that the same girl (Sarita) told me, to this day, of what she has come out to say, I do not understand anything “

Marysol Sosa

In an interview with Javier Poza, also Anel’s daughter, she explained that both she and her brother José Joel investigated whether there was any testament in the united states since his dad died in September 2019.

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He said that the only document of this type that they found is the one that exists in Mexico and was the one that was read days ago. He commented that in the event of a registered power of attorney in the United States, it became invalid as soon as the singer died.

“Any other power that at the time he had signed there (in the United States) and everything else, at the time of death is invalidated”

Marysol Sosa

Marysol recognized that the disagreement about her father’s last will could lead her family to an international trial because Jose jose He was a Mexican living in Miami who died in the United States.

“I am perfectly aware that I have an international court case, because my father was the person he was, because he died in Florida. I insist, my father lived here, his things are here, I have them, he rented a place in Mexico. He felt safe here in Mexico, we have all the proof that this girl was deceived “

Marysol Sosa


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