Maserati Grecale GT 300 LE

It was a strange feeling for the very first few minutes inside the Grecale, because until you turn on the ignition or start the engine, almost all the displays – and there are quite a few – are completely dark. You can’t see anything from the 12.3-inch dashboard, and the double, 12.3- and 8.8-inch central displays, as well as the buttons for the steering wheel and window regulators, are completely black. Then, at the press of a button, everything is illuminated in the tastefully assembled passenger compartment made of premium quality materials. You have to feel all the leather surfaces, the upholstery, the slightly flattened steering wheel at the bottom, the small knobs, everything, right up to the sun visor with an improbably silky feel. And even the cabin smells good.

The interior door handle is also special, we first encountered a similar electronic door opening almost a year ago in the Lexus NX. There is no need to pull a doorknob, just press a microswitch button and open the door with the same movement. If for some reason the electronics say Thursday, then the locking mechanism of the door can be released with the less visible mechanical latch on the door and the occupants can escape. Of course, you can live without it, but such niceties come in handy in a premium SUV.

Although I generally think it’s stupid to caress surfaces that can be used uncertainly while driving – it’s not really good in this car either – but Maserati still has an excuse, for example the touch-sensitive headlight switch. In contrast to the ergonomic nightmare found, for example, in Volkswagens, it is enough to switch it once, and then it stays like that forever, worthy of a regular Italian car. Like 20-30 years ago in all Italian cars: if you leave the headlight on, when you turn off the ignition, it doesn’t ring or beep, but turns it off smartly, and if you get in the next morning and start the car, it turns it on. There is no better and simpler solution than this.

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A never-before-seen Maserati has arrived on the market - Grecale GT test 109

A big favorite is the clock on the center console, on which not only the graphics of the dial but also the function of the display can be changed, it does not necessarily have to show the time. In addition to these, there are a few strange things in the interior, for example, you can start the engine with the button on the steering wheel, and you can also search for the gear selector of the automatic transmission for a while until you notice the button row on the center console that blends into its surroundings. The shift tabs behind the steering wheel are so large that you can almost reach the turn signal by reaching behind the tabs. There is plenty of space in the front and back, both rows of seats are comfortable with 190 cm.

The trunk is also surprisingly easy to use, which is not only large, 535 liters – the version of the Trofeo without hybrid drive is slightly larger, 570 liters – but also practical. After folding down the seats, a flat surface can be created, the seats can also be laid down from the trunk, and there is regular lighting, a 12-volt power connector, small compartments, and fixings at the back.

A never-before-seen Maserati has arrived on the market - Grecale GT test 110

Flat, easy-to-pack floor