Masinton PDIP Urges Coordinating Minister for ‘Big Data’ to Resign!


President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) emphasized that the 2024 election would not be postponed. Member of the Indonesian Parliament from the PDIP faction, Masinton Pasaribu, actually questioned the existence of the coordinating minister who had shown off his possessions big data election postponement.

Masinton initially praised President Jokowi’s chivalrous attitude, who in the end dared to voice his rejection of the discourse of postponing the election. He called Jokowi’s attitude as a leader’s responsibility to take over the mess his subordinates made.

“When there was a wave of rejection of the extension of the presidential term of office. Finally, President Jokowi reiterated firmly and clearly that there is no plan to postpone the election or extend the presidential term. President Jokowi’s chivalry attitude is a form of responsibility for a leader to take over the actions of his subordinates. arrogant and arbitrarily to the people,” said Masinton in his statement, Monday (11/4/2022).

Masinton then questioned the direction of the coordinating minister and the elite who later supported three presidential terms. In fact, he said, Jokowi’s coordinating ministers do not have the authority to talk about politics.

“The question is, where is the coordinating minister who garnered false support for the 3 presidential terms? Where is the nose of the arrogant minister who pretends to feel the most powerful? Why didn’t the coordinating minister explain to the public and the masses the action against the extension of 3 presidential terms. That the idea above did not come from President Jokowi, but from himself as the coordinating minister who actually has no authority in the political field,” he said.

Masinton also suggested that the coordinating minister who had spread the big data issue of postponing the election to resign from his position. “When the president chivalrously takes over the responsibility and straightens out the actions of his subordinates and the arbitrariness of his subordinates. The coordinating minister should chivalrously step down from all his positions. Moreover, he has spread big data ‘hoaxes’ to the Indonesian people,” he said.

The PDIP politician then spoke about today’s student demonstration regarding the postponement of the election. He asked that the student demonstrations be interpreted as criticism of the old elite who were greedy and greedy for office.

“Student mass demonstrations must be interpreted as criticism and resistance of young people against the old elite who are greedy for positions and greedy to control Indonesia’s natural resources. Even to achieve the goal of greed, they are openly trying to hijack the constitution and drown democracy. Long live Indonesian youth against the greed of the old elite, greedy for hijacking the constitution,” he said.

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