Masinton Ready to Give Data on Palm Oil Companies to Sponsor Election Postponement to the AGO

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – PDI-P politician, Masinton Pasaribu, stated that he was ready if at any time the Attorney General’s Office investigators needed data on a palm oil company suspected of funding the issue of delaying the 2024 election. Masinton was the first person to spread the issue to the media.

“If the Attorney General’s Office requires additional information, we will definitely support and convey it,” said Masinton when contacted TempoTuesday, April 26, 2022.

Even so, Masinton explained that with the various law enforcement instruments owned by the Attorney General’s Office, his party believes that the collection of information and information collected by investigators is more than the information they have.

In addition, the member of Commission III of the DPR RI said that his party wanted the Attorney General’s Office to focus on thoroughly investigating the cooking oil mafia case. He did not want his statement to make this case boisterous with political intrigue.

“We must respect the independence of law enforcement at the Attorney General’s Office together, not mix it up with political commotion. Let the law work with its mechanism,” said Masinton.

Previously, Masinton claimed to have heard of the alleged fundraising alias fundraising for the postponement of the 2024 election by cooking oil entrepreneurs. The fundraising resulted in a shortage of cooking oil in the market and the price soared.

“Yes, I have information that conveyed to me that he gave a signal yes, suspecting that part of the scarcity of cooking oil and then the price was made expensive and they prioritized exports because of their needs. fundraising. To maintain and postpone the election,” said Masinton

Previously, in the case of the scarcity of cooking oil, the Attorney General’s Office had named 4 suspects. They are suspected of corruption in granting export permits for crude palm oil or CPO.

The suspects include the Director General of Foreign Trade of the Ministry of Trade Indrasari Wisnu Wardhana, Commissioner of PT Wilmar Nabati Indonesia Master Parulian Tumanggor. Then, Senior Manager of Corporate Affairs of PT Pelita Agung Agrindustri/Permata Hijau Group Stanley MA and General Manager of General Affairs Section of PT Musim Mas Picare Tagore Sitanggang.


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