Mask Singer 2022 SURVEY: banana, butterfly or deer, who should win?

Mask Singer 2022 is coming to an end and this season 3 has been full of twists and turns! For the first time in the world, a celebrity was hidden under two suits! Marc-Antoine Lebret was the tigress, but also the crocodile! The investigators, Jarry, Anggun, Kev Adams and Alessandra had their work cut out to unmask all the celebrities of this season: Alain Bernard (hermit crab), Maud Fontenoy (coral fish), Sylvie Tellier (chameleon), Pierre Palmade (cosmonaut), Yves Camdeborde (pig) and Gilbert Montagné (tree).

who should win Mask Singer 2022 ?

This Friday, May 13, 2022, it’s time for the grand finale ! Banana, deer and butterfly are still in the running for the big winner prize of Mask Singer 2022, and thus succeed Laurence Boccolini and Larusso. Investigators already have ideas about their identities. For them, Denista Ikonomova is the butterfly and Laurent Ournac hides under the deer. They still have doubts about the banana.

For you, who should be the winner of this season 3, of which Camille Combal revealed to us behind the scenes?