Mass protests in Israel do not mean the end of democracy

March 28, 2023 at 6:09 pm I

The future is in Netanyahu’s hands, but he stands to lose in all scenarios.

The postponement of the judicial reform (“reform”) is a great success – it is too early to speak of a “victory” – hundreds of thousands of democratic Israelis marching in mass protest against the government’s agenda, which to describe as controversial would be a merciful euphemism.

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The article continues below the video advertisement

One of the more sophisticated interpretations, which the author cannot forgive himself, says how much the alarmists who envisioned “the end of democracy in Israel” and so on have overshot.

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As if Likud’s coalition partners weren’t extremist enough. They are at the top, so much so that Kotleba (Fico, Blaha, Uhrík, Kuffovci, etc.) could go to Jerusalem for training.

However, the enormous mass of the demonstrations is precisely a manifestation of a highly active and aware citizenry that stood up to defend its freedoms.

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