Mass scuffle before the football game –


A mass brawl among football fans triggered a large-scale police operation in Ried: more than 70 officers were on duty. There were no reports of injuries, although a hail of stones severely damaged a police car.

On the program was the game Ried against LASK. About 100 LASK supporters were on the train to Ried im Innkreis, accompanied by friendly fans of the Young Boys Bern team. Around 2 p.m., shortly before entering the train station, the supporters of the Linz team saw a group of about 40 Ried fans.

An unknown pulled the emergency brake, and when the train came to a standstill, according to the police report, most of the football fans stormed off the train. A mass brawl immediately broke out. Two police officers from the Ried Inspection were the first to arrive at the scene.

Stones from railway embankments as projectiles

They attempted to identify one of the aggressive fans, which resulted in the police hurling stones. There was enough ammunition for the rabid football fans – they used the fist-sized granite stones from the railway embankment as projectiles. The police took cover behind their patrol car and called for reinforcements. Meanwhile, the car was severely demolished by the hail of stones.

Pepper spray used

When reinforcements arrived, the police noticed a football fan still holding a large rock. He ignored the request to put the stone away immediately and even marched towards the police officers. A dose of pepper spray finally brought the man to his senses.

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By the way, he wasn’t an isolated case. According to the police, pepper spray had to be used eleven times before calm returned – but above all the police speak of a fortunate circumstance that no officers were injured.