Massacre in San Vicente del Caguán: five men were killed

A massacre in San Vicente del Caguán,
Caquetá, occurred on Saturday night, when armed subjects murdered five men in the village of La Sierra, between La Machaca and La Sombra, as confirmed by Mayor Julián Perdomo Losada.

The place of the crime is located “an hour and a half from San Vicente, the old area of ​​dialogues,” said the local president, as reported Blue Radio.

“They viciously murdered five peasants and as mayor I strongly rejected this fact,” he added.

Three of the victims were brothers and apparently had been kidnapped days earlier by alleged FARC dissidents.

Perdomo stressed, after the massacre in San Vicente del Caguán, that in the municipality “we bet on peace, on reconciliation, and these acts generate uncertainty, generate fear and total rejection in our community.”

According to Indepaz, “on the bodies there was a note that indicated the authorship of the Edison Five thousand front of the eastern bloc,” which belongs to the FARC dissidents.

The massacre in San Vicente del Caguán occurred the same night that hitmen murdered three policemen in Pailitas, Cesar,
when they were chatting with their families in a commercial establishment.

For this crime, the National Police offered $ 100 million as a reward to find those responsible.

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