Massive’cat’ ground painting found in Nazca, Peru… A crisis that will soon disappear due to natural erosion

Newly Discovered Cats and Animals in Nazca, Peru / Source = Yonhap News

[아시아경제 나한아 기자] In Nazca, Peru, where huge ancient paintings are gathered, a new ground painting that looks like a cat, about 37 m tall, has been discovered.

In a press release on the 15th (local time), the Peruvian Ministry of Culture said that it had discovered a new ground painting while renovating the ruins in the hilly area of ​​Nazca, southwestern Peru.

The above ground painting was drawn on steep ground, making it difficult to see, and was in danger of disappearing soon due to natural erosion.

The scale of the picture is 37m in width, and it is made up of lines 30-40cm in thickness. The animal’s torso faced sideways and its head turned forward.

According to the Peruvian authorities, it is believed to be of the late Paracas civilization in terms of the picture features. The Paracas civilization developed in this area between 700 BC and 200 AD.

The Ministry of Culture said that cats often appeared in ceramics and textiles during this period.

The Ministry of Culture added that the ground paintings in this area were mainly drawn during the Nazca civilization period, which appeared later than the Paracas civilization, so the cats and ground paintings discovered this time may have preceded the others.

On the other hand, Nazca and nearby Palpa are a mysterious ruins that were registered as UNESCO World Heritage sites in 1994. In this area, there are over 300 huge paintings on the ground, ranging from animals and plants to geometric patterns such as hummingbirds, spiders, eagles, monkeys and trees. Ground paintings are so large that it is difficult to recognize with the eye, and only when viewed from the air can the intact overall form be confirmed.

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