Master Gims clashed by Booba on Instagram, is her reaction the best?


Master Gims is still top of the top albums in France this week with his album Black Belt . Former Assault Sexion member makes a smashing comeback before starting her tour Fuego Tour , which will go through the Stade de France in September 2019. Meanwhile, the singer has found a new cause to defend, that of streaming in the music business. Against the cheaters, who pay to get more streams, Master Gims has publicly supported the M6 ​​channel, which plans to broadcast a report on the subject, while swaying a few names. A position that does not please Booba at all.

On Instagram, Booba violently attacked Master Gims after the scandal of the streams . The interpreter of “Gotham” reproaches his new rival for talking too much about this affair, without clearly mentioning names. But while the tackles are linked with unflattering montages, Black M’s buddy is unflappable and still silent . By not expressing himself voluntarily on the subject after the attacks of the Duke of Boulogne, the Gims may have found the best solution to not aggravate the situation . No doubt he lets things happen naturally, before speaking when it’s time. During this time, his opponents can still continue to get upset unnecessarily.


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