While performing a sea outing before a concert scheduled for the same evening, singer Master Gims escaped the fire of his rental boat.

The master singer Gims and the passengers of the boat he was renting were forced to leave the yacht in an emergency, following a motor accident that triggered an impressive fire. The facts took place Sunday in the early afternoon, according to information provided by the regional daily Corse Matin.

The boat was anchored in the Mediterranean Sea off Cala Longa, in the town of Bonifacio.

According to the Maritime Prefecture, the six people on board (including two crew members) were able to abandon the 24-meter vessel by their own means using a semi-rigid and reach the shore safe and sound.

"SNSM patrol 617 and the star of the 2A G109 Gendarmerie department are quickly present on site to secure the area. " A Customs star and a Maritime Control and Surveillance vessel of the Maritime Gendarmerie then arrived as reinforcements.

SNSM also quickly deployed a 150-meter floating oil boom "To avoid the risk of harm to the environment", to the extent that 3,000 liters of fuel were in the tanks at the time of the facts.

An investigation was initiated to determine the exact circumstances of the fire and the responsibilities.

Master Gims was in Corsica to perform at the Via Notte in Porto-Vecchio the same evening.

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