Master quickstep in high school with Honza Onder and Natália Otáhalová –

The new StarDance line is already in full swing. Following this, the star dance couple Jan Onder and Natálie Otáhalová, in cooperation with, have prepared a ten-part course, after which you will shine on the dance floor as Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. Today’s lessons will focus on quickstep.

The editorial staff brings another part from the dance school series, exclusively with StarDance stars Jan Onder and Natália Otáhalová. Due to the launch of the 11th StarDance series, we offer ballroom dancing easily and quickly.

In the last series of dance shows, Natálie Otáhalová made it to the finals with actor Matouš Ruml and is a ten-time champion of the Czech Republic in Latin American and standard dances. Jan Onder is a two-time StarDance winner who has been a choreographer and professional advisor for many years. Among other things, Onder is a popular moderator and actor at Studio Ypsilon. Welcome to our Extra Fast Dance School!

Dance like in StarDance! Special dance school with

StarDance! A phenomenal dance competition that the Czechia has been enjoying for eleven years! The editorial staff has prepared a special project in cooperation with the leading stars of StarDance – dancers Jan Onder and Natália Otáhalová: Extremely fast dance school, thanks to which you can learn the basics of the most famous dances!

Honza and Natálka will show you through illustrative videos how about the individual dances that you see every Saturday on TV screens. And all in a few minutes! Throw yourself into dance with, it’s passion and obsession at the same time.

Part 1: Samba, a hot Latin American dance full of animal erotica

The beginnings of quickstep

This time Jan and Natália prepared a quick quickstep for you. This dance is one of the standard dances, also called fast foxtrot. It is played in 4/4 time and we count it slow slow quick quick. The basic movement is the so-called quarter turns, danced in a closed, tight position.

We can trace the history of quickstep since 1924. The organizers of the star championship then decided to combine the newly created quick time foxtrot with the competition in Charleston. “Frank Ford won with his newly invented form of flat charleston, which, although basically fast foxtrot or quickstep, as it was supposed to be understood at the time, did not resemble much, but its variations tolerated quite well compared to today’s quickstep,” says Wikipedia.

The basics of fast foxtrot are based on the previous symbiosis of slow and fast foxtrot, so in 1929 they only added some elements. And so quickstep, as we all know it today, was born.

Learn it now and you too! It only takes two minutes to “squeeze” the basic steps, you will see yourself in the video!