MasterChef Celebrity: Viña Machado revealed what he thinks of Carla Giraldo

Viña Machado and Carla Giraldo. Photo: Instagram @vinamachado and @carlagiraldo

A new installment of MasterChef Celebrity Colombia, gastronomic reality that the RCN Channel broadcasts every weekend. For this version of 2021, there were 20 celebrities summoned, the Colombian quota was paid by: Viña Machado, Liss Pereira, Catalina Maya, Gregorio Pernía, Francy, Mario Espitia, Frank Martínez, Freddy Beltrán, Marbelle, Lucho Díaz, Julio Sánchez Cóccaro , Pity Camacho, Diego Camargo, Lorna Cepeda, Carla Giraldo, Endry Cardeño and Ana María Estupiñán.

While the foreign quota was given by: the former Venezuelan Miss Universe, Alicia Machado, the Spanish actor Emmanuel Esparza and the Venezuelan actor and presenter, Ernesto Calzadilla. These last two celebrities have worked on Colombian television.

And, as expected with a reality show that involves the coexistence between celebrities, the logical thing is that the public is interested in how the relationship between them is. In fact, recently a user asked the following question to Viña Machado: “How do you get along with Carla Giraldo?”

To which the Samaria actress did not hesitate to respond by highlighting the love she feels for her colleague and now partner in MasterChef Celebrity Colombia 2021. “I adore her, respect her, admire her”. In turn, he published a photograph in which he is seen posing next to the paisa.

Viña Machado Instagram stories.  Photo: Instagram @vinamachado
Viña Machado Instagram stories. Photo: Instagram @vinamachado

Of the 20 initial participants in MasterChef Celebrity Colombia 2021, 16 remain in the program

There are already four celebrities whose experience at MasterChef has ended, starting with the popular music singer, Francy. The next celebrity to say goodbye to MasterChef Celebrity Colombia 2021 was actress Lorna Cepeda. In the third elimination test, the Venezuelan actor and presenter, Ernesto Calzadilla, came out. Finally, and so far, the actor Julio Sánchez Cóccaro also had to say goodbye.

A bit of Viña Machado’s acting career

Samaria has a large acting career. Some of his most popular productions are: ‘Tierra de cantores’ (2010), ‘Lady, la vendedora de rosas’ (2015), ‘La Cacica’ (2017), ‘El general Naranjo’ (2019), ‘Enfermeras’, among other.

He has also participated in some video clips such as that of his compatriot, the singer Carlos Vives, in his song ‘La foto de los dos’, available since 2013.

Her talent as an actress is also reflected on the big screen. For example, this year ‘Ángel de mi vida’ is premiered, with Yuldor Gutiérrez as director.

And now Viña Machado has also shown that it has a great talent for cooking, being one of the most outstanding participants of MasterChef Celebrity Colombia 2021. Even when celebrities must work in teams, generally the captains when choosing the members of their respective groups usually select the top actress for all her culinary skills.


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