veteran WWE Wrestler Matt Hardy says he withdraws from wrestling, but is his explanation sincere or just another story? Unlike most TV shows, the line between the end of the WWE wrestler character and his real persona is often very blurry. This goes back to the roots of professional wrestling as a genre of entertainment that once committed its performers to keeping character in interaction with fans at all times, to maintain the illusion that the results of the matches in the ring were not predetermined.

Nowadays, wrestlers often drop character on social media or in fan-conventions, but it's not always easy to tell if a wrestler says his righteous mood or character, since social media is often used to spread feuds and stories on screen to spread . With that in mind, fans of Matt Hardy – one of the most decorated WWE superstars of recent times, who had 15 different championship governments over the course of his career – are trying to decipher his latest contribution.

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Late in the evening, after battling at a WWE live event in Texas, Hardy posted a video to his official Youtube channel, announcing that he had fulfilled the last of his contractual obligations to WWE, and that fans probably would not "Woken" Matt Hardy would see competing again in the ring. This follows recent online rumors that Hardy would soon have to give up because of the variety of injuries he suffered during his 26-year career. The video can be seen below.

Hardy seems sincere when addressing his fans in the above video, who acknowledges rumors of his upcoming retirement and does not over-the-top talk or move with his "Woken" characters. While he repeats the oft-repeated phrase in "Never Say Never" wrestling, it certainly sounds like he's getting ready to call it a career and go home to his family. The problem is, there have been false announcements for retirement in WWE storylines before, so it's hard to be sure that Hardy will not just return to WWE with a revised character. Finally, he explicitly states that fans will no longer see "Woken Matt Hardy" in the ring, possibly leaving the door open for another Matt Hardy.

However, it would not be surprising if Matt Hardy legally withdrew. He is 43 years old, started at a young age and spent much of his career destroying his body with the risky, daring style he and brother Jeff used as part of the legendary Hardy Boyz Tag team. It's not hard to imagine that his body just can not stand a punishment anymore and that he wants to get out while he can still walk. In the meantime, Jeff will take part in a Hell in a Cell match WWE Pay per view against Randy Orton. One wonders how long it will take for Hardy Boyz to finish it.

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