Mattarella to the new magistrates: apply the law without will

Immediately, now, the reform of the CSM. There is no more time, says Sergio Mattarella, “it cannot be postponed”, one cannot wait any longer because “the latest events” of the judiciary can overwhelm “the prestige of the judicial function” and cause “serious consequences on the social order and ‘democratic structure of the country’. So immediately, before the renewal of the Board of Governors, because “we need to eradicate agreements and practices evasive of rules used to circumvent the law” and therefore “we cannot accept the risk of holding elections with the old rules and with systems deemed unsustainable by all sides. “. Enough with the currents, with “protagonism”, with “corporate defenses”. Let’s open the windows, at Palazzo de ‘Marescialli we need clean air.

Process to the togas. In Scandicci, for the ten years of the Higher School of the Judiciary, the head of state certainly does not mince words. What happened to “the penalty”? And where have we lost the “guarantee of independence”, one of the “indispensable hinges in the model of the Constitution”? The continuous scandals and poisons are causing people’s trust to collapse, in addition to principles.

In a couple of months, as he has repeated several times, Mattarella will leave the Quirinale. But “until the last day” of the mandate remains the president, with all his powers and duties, including that of being the head of a judicial world in disarray. Hence his condemnation not only to the organization and maneuvers of the CSM, but also to certain sentences. «The exercise of justice – he warns – is essential for social cohesion. An activity that must be carried out on a daily basis with seriousness, commitment and dedication ». Today perhaps this is not the case, the measure has been lost, in fact “a newfound rigor is needed”. At stake is “the credibility of the institution”, therefore “decisions must be understandable and recognizable, based on the constitutional canons of reasonableness and fairness, values ​​that must guide judgment”. The intervention of the judiciary “always has consequences, the choices affect the life and dignity of citizens”. Let’s stop organizing show-trials. Enough with the fuss, with the spread of papers without penalties. “The prerogatives of independence do not legitimize every kind of initiative and decision”, the application of the name “must be calibrated for the implications of the specific case both on the individual and on the entire social fabric”.

And we are at the abc: impartiality, ethics, fairness, individual conduct. In short, nothing is good, we have to retanning from the bases. «It is a question – explains the head of state – of starting from the fundamentals, from the essence of your functions. The profound meaning that must characterize every position taken by the magistrates is that of an ethics of the profession “. We can no longer stand up to intrigues, business and undue connections with politics. “We need intellectual honesty, balance”. The CSM, “must guarantee the best solutions for functioning, enhancing professionalism without being conditioned by memberships”. The “courage to change” is “a challenge for everyone”, including magistrates. All the more so now, with the arrival of the billions of the NRP, when even the planet justice “is called to help support the recovery of the country”.

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