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Matthieu Chedid, a music group all by himself

The singer plays sold out in Paris until February 22 and then toured from March to December.

By Sylvain Siclier Posted today at 09:24

Time to Play 8 min.

The new look of Matthieu Chedid, aka -M-, in his clip "Superchérie".
The new look of Matthieu Chedid, aka -M-, in his clip "Superchérie". -M- / YOUTUBE SCREEN CAPTURE

His career began in the mid-1990s and his discography has about fifteen references, recordings in the studio, in concert, collaborations. Suffice to say that Matthieu Chedid, said -M-, could rest for his new tour on a handful of excerpts from his album released on January 25, Infinite letter, and give his fans their happy past achievements – he has many – of which they know the least words. This is usually the case for stars with an already established track record.

-M-, he is obviously keen to make live his new releases, with almost all the songs of Infinite letter (including the one bearing this name) on the program of his tour. It began on February 8 at the Cirque d'hiver-Bougliogne, in Paris (sold out until February 22) and will continue from March to December in most major halls of France. Everywhere, months before the release of the album, ticket sales have confirmed that the public of -M- is faithful to him.

And here he is crossing the track, where is installed a set of effects pedals, triggers musical loops, samplers, a keyboard. First title, One rope, on the acoustic guitar. -M- is alone, and will remain so most of the evening. His daughter Billie, 16, to sing as a duet, and trumpet player Ibrahim Maalouf join him on the occasion of two themes, one and the other. As the concert progresses, -M- becomes a musician to play everything, triggering bass lines, rhythmic supports on the guitar, vocal layers. A group alone.


After a first acoustic moment, with six songs – there too -M- breaks a little the codes of pop and rock concerts where the acoustics usually come halfway through – he goes on the flight of steps that lead over the gardine (the curtain of the artists' entrance) at the traditional site where the circus orchestra is located. A battery system, which he plays with his foot, allows him to accompany himself. Then are illuminated strange shapes. Totems, which rise to the heights of the capital, consisting of the elements of a drums, bass drum, snare drum, toms, cymbals. Instruments that play on their own by using, not gear gears, but electronics.

Advances in technology bring finer responsiveness to instruments

In 2015, Stephan Eicher had already presented at his concerts a modern version of mechanical instruments, equipment called "Die Automaten", with percussion, double chimes, organ pipe games … -M- reminds that this beautiful show, which had an artisanal aspect, had preceded his. Advances in technology bring a finer reactivity of the instruments. The talent of -M-, beyond the care he took to arrange the old themes, sometimes to transform them so that they mingle more naturally with the new ones, is not to be dominated by the whole of his system. He turns and turns on the track, and it is he, as a guitarist, with his collection of historical models (Fender Stratocaster, Gibson SG) or designed for him, which carries his music to his part the most funk, rock and pop psyche.

On tour. Dates available on the Labo-m.net website

Sylvain Siclier

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