Mattie still in love with girlfriend after 1.5 years: ‘Never boring’

Mattie has now been together with his great love Jamy for about 1.5 years. The two got to know each other through mutual friends from Rotterdam. “Jamy makes me a fabric that makes me happy,” says a loving Mattie in conversation with Beautiful world. “We can laugh a lot, there is always something going on, so it never gets boring. (…) We make each other happy.”

For this, the DJ was together with Kirsten. After it became known that she had given birth to twins that were not his, the couple broke up. Mattie didn’t play around for long. “I don’t think there is any lust without love. That sounds very silly, and there will probably be men who think differently, but that doesn’t work for me,” he explains. “I have to feel something for someone, otherwise I just don’t find it interesting. One night stands are therefore not for me. I have few stories about them.”

It was also rumored for a while that Mattie would be dating Qmusic colleague Marieke Elsinga. However, this was always firmly denied by both DJs. Although he spends every morning with Marieke, there is only one woman in his life for Mattie: his girlfriend Jamy. His mother is in second place: “I find it hard to disappoint my mother, she is a close second, but my greatest love is my friend Jamy.”

You can now read the entire interview with Mattie Beautiful world.

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