Matvienko reprimanded colleagues

Matvienko reprimanded colleagues

Senators who are absent during the meeting of the Federation Council will have to write written explanatory notes, said speaker of the upper house of parliament Valentina Matvienko. About it reports RIA Novosti on Wednesday, November 7th.

“To everyone who made us happy at the beginning and at the end of the meeting, and was absent during the meeting, [следует предоставить] written explanatory. We will have to take measures, colleagues, this is not a kindergarten or a school, ”said Matvienko.

She expressed outrage at the fact that a number of senators regularly missed the main work in the plenary session of the chamber in this way. Matvienko also reminded colleagues that they receive their salaries in the Federation Council. “Be kind, work it out in good faith,” she concluded.

In September, the State Duma reduced fines for deputies for absenteeism of plenary sessions, which were introduced in 2016. Absenteeism is the absence at the meeting without good reason (illness, business trip, vacation). Systematic absenteeism may be worth the deputy mandate.

Parliamentarians have been repeatedly criticized for the lack of labor discipline. So, in July last year, it was reported that "plenary" do not attend an average of 25 out of 449 parliamentarians.

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