Maule Clinic will be auctioned at the end of October after going bankrupt last year

Offer part of the $ 9.5 billion and includes the clinic, a diagnostic center, 10 offices, health permits and an adjoining house.

The last two years went downhill for Maule Clinic. After the financial reorganization they took advantage of in July 2018 did not result – debts at that time reached $ 7,000 million – and went bankrupt last year, This Monday the auction of the private enclosure was announced.

It was at the company’s last shareholders’ meeting, held in July, that it was decided to entrust Tattersall GDA with the public offering of the Maule Clinic. As described in the publication of the brokerage, the offer starts at $ 9.5 billion and includes the clinic, a diagnostic center, 10 offices, health permits and an adjoining house. The presentation of economic offers It will be done virtually on October 29.

Since municipal regulations allow a wide range of land uses, he Tattersall general manager, Pablo Stevenson, indicates that it could be used for housing, commercial and equipment projects of all kinds (health, education, hotels, homercio, etc).

“Those interested in this auction could be varied, for example, universities or training centers, hotels or the like, etc. However, due to the nature of the building and being fully equipped and with operating permits, the new owner can start activities immediately and this facility could be a good option to increase the supply of health facilities in the city of Talca and its surroundings, “says Stevenson.

In May 2019 the First Civil Court of Talca officially declared the bankruptcy of the clinic, after starting the forced liquidation process, after 35 years of operation in Talca, the regional capital of Maule.

On that occasion, it was announced that the liabilities of the private healthcare center with workers and creditors -some of the main were Banco Bci, Santander and Clinical Market- exceeded $ 9,000 million.

As explained by the company when it requested a restructuring of its debts, what started their financial problems was a drop in activity between 2013 and 2014 product of the termination of all the agreements generated with government institutions as a result of the 27F, where the company indicated that it hired a large number of personnel to meet the demand that had arisen in the period.

However, this staffing was not adjusted to the actual activity of the clinic in 2014 and 2015, which began to generate significant losses as well as cash deficits. But that was not all, since, The most complex situation came in 2017 and 2018, when it impacted not having doctors referring benefits to the same institution.

With the advance of the pandemic in the country, the possibility that the premises would be leased by the government was considered to increase hospital capacity in the fight against Covid-19. However, At the end of June, the Maule Health Service (SSM) ruled out the authorization of the Maule Clinic to treat covid patients.



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