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Home Sport Mauricio Pochettino's half-time video session prepared Tottenham for the second half

Mauricio Pochettino's half-time video session prepared Tottenham for the second half

Mauricio Pochettino announced that he had recorded a halftime video session to remind his players of the game plan when Tottenham won the 3-0 Champions League win against Borussia Dortmund.

In the first round of the last sixteen of the second round against the leaders of the Bundesliga Spurs did not manage to score a single goal shot, but shortly after the break Son Heung-min took the lead.

"The first half was very difficult, especially because we never felt confident," Pochettino said after the game. "We made some careful decisions, it's as if we did not feel well, we did not feel what we wanted to play.

"But after we solved some issues, we showed them some clips at halftime and talked a bit about different positions – offensive and defensive – and tried to help the team perform better.

"We also had a bit of luck, because it was a tremendous confidence when Sonny scored – that made the team play much better and in the end we deserved the win.

"It was a huge victory and the players deserve all the recognition and they were fantastic to play after Sunday with one day less recovery [than Dortmund]We have to praise her. You have the opportunity to have a few days off.

Of course, 3-0 is a very good result, but if you have a team like Dortmund at the top, you always have to respect them and we have to win with the idea to go to Dortmund . "

Son scored in Spurs's 13 games this season, and the North Londoners have all won.

"The next time Son scores, I'll go to the locker room, take a shower, and wait for the end of the game," Pochettino said. "It's good, it's nice.

"Sonny was fantastic again, he's a player who brings a lot of very good things to the team, his smile, he brings good energy and his performance in every single game improves and improves, we're so happy."

Mauricio Pochettino's halftime video session sparked Spurs' three-goal ban in the second half. Tottenham Hotspur FC and Tottenham Hotspur FC via Getty Images

Pochettino's decision to vote Jan Vertonghen as left-back against Dortmund paid off as the Belgian made his first start for Son before scoring the second goal himself. But Tottenham's manager downplayed the success of his tactic.

"Today it's 3-0 and maybe everyone says, 'Oh, a fantastic decision,' or if it's a different result, I'm the worst coach in the world, 'he said.

"Balance is the most important thing, if you win, you're not a genius, if you lose, it's not a disaster, you just have to make the right decision next time, because football is all about winning."

Pochettino wanted to praise the 21-year-old defender Juan Foyth, who only made his second appearance in the Champions League and helped to deny Dortmund an away goal.

"I'm so happy for him, he was fantastic today," said the Argentinean of his young compatriot. "Of course, he still has to improve and learn, he's as brave, braver as people expect.

"The first action was unbelievable – people were pushing him, and then he made some mistakes because he wanted to play, but I prefer players who make mistakes and try to play."

"I was a different kind of center-back, not in quality, I love when players take risks and are brave as they are."



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