Mauritanian Minister of Economic Affairs: “Mauritania is working to make its economy resilient”

Mauritanian Minister for Economic Affairs and the Promotion of the Productive Sectors, Ousmane Mamoudou Kane declared that Mauritania was “working to ensure that its economy is diversified, strong so that it is resilient”.

The minister was speaking on Friday at the close of the work of the ministerial meeting of the 113th ordinary session of the Arab Economic Council whose work began on May 23 in Nouakchott.

The Minister added that the reforms undertaken in recent years have made it possible to revise the laws of partnership between the public and private sectors, the creation of a general directorate for this, the law relating to public procurement, the creation of a national agency to boost investments and the creation of a free zone in Nouadhibou.

Ousmane Mamoudou Kane added that Mauritania is working on the execution of large projects in order to enshrine a productive and diversified economy in addition to a particular interest in the development of basic infrastructure that strengthens growth and small and medium enterprises capable of create appropriate conditions for employment.

The Minister further said that the government hopes that this session will discover and exploit investment opportunities in Mauritania, calling for investment in the country and to contribute to the construction of the national economy “which we want to be strong , global and resilient”.

For the Sudanese Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, President of the current session, Djibril Ibrahim, this session offers an opportunity to invest in common values ​​​​among Member States to explore the prospects for a promising future of development economic and social to connect the entire Arab world.

He added that it is necessary to put in place attractive legislation for investment in order to create new opportunities in the various fields offered by Arab countries such as tourism, industry, trade and the sector. services.

For his part, the secretary general of the council for Arab economic unity, Ahmed Ney, thanked the Mauritanian president, the government through the minister of economic affairs and the promotion of productive sectors for the conditions offered for the organization of this session. .