Max Verstappen for the feet to Red Bull; don’t trust Lewis Hamilton

When a team has won the last seven Formula 1 world championships, when of those seven, six have been won by the same person and both, the team and the driver, are your rivals in the dispute for the title, then you understand the reserves you still have Max Verstappen on the optimism generated in Red Bull and between the Dutch fans and the signing for the title. For him, there is still a lot.

It is true that Verstappen won in America despite a Friday of Hamilton and Mercedes That he was scary, he also knew how to close the victory when, in the race, the Briton pressed more and now in theory he faces appointments that are favorable to his car, then theoretically his favoritism could not go through a more secure moment than the current one; race leader and with favorable wind. But not even with those does he trust the seven-time world champion of the German team.

On the victory and his confidence, Verstappen commented, in statements collected in Express, that “this doesn’t really change much because it will be about the details, I always say that, so a victory does not give me more confidence,” he argued. It’s more, Mad Max set his point of view on the details as a team to take the scepter: “we all have confidence within the team that we can do a very good job, but we have to specify the details and we have to start over in Mexico, to try to get the best of all our package, ”he said.

Honda, another ally

And the joy in Red Bull with the victory of the Dutch and the third place of Sergio perez, how could it be less, it extends to any arm of the team, even to Honda, with whom Red Bull has its united forces. Based on this alliance, the Japanese firm, from the hands of the F1 technical director of the Japanese company, Toyoharu Tanabe, thanked the victory in one less test for the Japanese farewell to the Big circus: “Max winning from pole and Checo joining him on the podium in third place is a great result for Honda and Red Bull Racing.” Commented. As you can see, all joy, but this, as Verstappen says, is not over yet.