Maxim Automotive unveils its latest vehicle: "Dumai" Chinese Genie invades the Egyptian market

Maxim Automotive unveils its latest vehicle: "Dumai" Chinese Genie invades the Egyptian market

– Maxim Automotive unveils its latest multi-purpose Chinese vehicles

– “Dumai” Chinese new genius invades the Egyptian market

– The car achieved the difficult equation (average size / fuel consumption less / favorable price)

– The company announced that there are currently two centers for after sales service as the beginning of the smooth service centers

This is the case of the annual Suhur ceremony held by Maxim Automotive, one of the companies of Maxim Investment Group, which has become a special celebration that brought good news to the car market. The ceremony was marked by the announcement of its new car, “Douma” To represent a qualitative leap in the Egyptian market and for multi-purpose car enthusiasts SUV.
As usual, Maxim Group, headed by Dr. Mohamed Karrar, carries the group to the Egyptian market all new, dazzling, wonderful and amazing, keeping abreast of the latest technologies in the world, the highest quality, high efficiency and follow-up and after sales services.
The Suhoor ceremony was held at the Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski Hotel in New Cairo in the presence of all the leaders of the Maxim Group along with a group of media professionals, journalists and public figures. .
Eng. Wael Amin, CEO of Maxim Automotive said that the company was established to be one of the most important companies in the Egyptian car market, such as Maxim Group for Investment which has become an important role in the development of the Egyptian economy through various sectors such as tourism, construction,
He pointed out that the success of the Maxim Group in a short period of time pushed it to include the family of the best cars in its class and chose the car distinctive “Douma.” Despite the fact that it is new in world markets, the performance and sales of its markets revealed a new Chinese mard that would change the concept of Chinese products in Arab markets, especially Egypt. .
Amin added in this context that the company was keen to provide after-sales service by opening two service centers in which the provision of all the original spare parts for the car and its various categories, “X5″ or X7 ” .
Amin pointed out that a large number of Egyptian car market experts were included in its team to achieve its ambitious plan to compete with major companies in the market, adding that the models to be put on the market are very suitable for the tastes and needs of the consumer and achieve the purpose of the growing demand for cars that serve its potential. And its needs and therefore we have set our priorities when the Dumai car was chosen for the quality and the superior capabilities within one of the best Chinese products at all in proportion to their efficiency and quality in addition to their rational consumption of fuel .
Maxim Automotive is expected to launch the car X5 At a price starting at 319,900 while the highest category is 354,900 car X7 It was priced at 749,900
Mohammed Farid, Head of Sales at Maxim Automotive, said: “The Dumai has been introduced in two distinct models: “X5 ” “X7” Which are characterized by the best quality provided by the technology of the Chinese automobile industry in the world in manufacturing and specifications and luxury and was presented during the ceremony of the Suhoor car “Dumi X5 ” Which provides comfortable space for 5 passengers inside the car, as well as a trunk with a capacity of 390 liters without folding the rear seats, up to 950 liters with a fold in addition to a package of luxury equipment of LED lamps and the internal entertainment of audio equipment and display and adapt the electronic air with Maximum safety for front and rear airbags, electronic stability control, electronic brake and anti-lock braking system.
While the car is always durable X7 With a distinctive 2-liter Mitsubishi engine with a turbocharger of 174 hp at 5500 rpm and 250 nm at 2400 rpm .
The technical specifications of the car, which will be presented at a press conference in a few days, indicate that they have good dimensions. The length is 4736 mm and the width is 1942 mm and the height is 1672 mm, in addition to a wheelbase of 2850 mm. The weight of the car is 1731 kg. The fuel tank capacity is 60 liters. The rear luggage compartment area is 352 liters and increases for about 800 liters in the case of folding the rear seats .
The car is available in the Egyptian market in one category (X7) It is equipped with 19-inch sports and automatic headlamps, as well as continuous daytime headlamps, front and rear fog lamps and lamps LED The background is also provided with a panoramic panoramic roof as well as an exit AUX / USB A 6-speaker audio system, a 7-inch widescreen display and a 10-inch (radio) display (GPS- As well as air conditioning with two temperature control areas, a front seatrest, leather door and dashboard brushes, a leather-wrapped transmission knob and a leather-wrapped steering wheel. For the driver’s convenience, the car has been adjusted to adjust the driver’s seat position for six electric currents as well as to adjust the seat position of the front passenger 4 Leather seats, 60/40 foldable rear seats, voice control from the steering wheel, self-lit sunshade and speed stabilizer .
Maxim Automotive was established in 2017 as a member of Maxim Investment Group to compete in one of the most active and developed markets in the automotive sector in the Egyptian market. Maxim Automotive is targeting a customer base looking for superior products and exceptional quality not only at the product level but after sales .
Maxim Automotive has an expansion plan that will continue until 2019 to include multiple segments of customers and serve them by providing unique brands and models that cover large geographical areas in Egypt and meet customer requirements.
The company announced that there are currently two post-sale service centers as the beginning of a series of service centers, the first by Autostrad Airport next to the sales exhibition, and the second in Katamia to provide the best service to the customers of the company, in addition to providing a mobile service to customers and soon followed by service centers in the governorates.

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