Máxima has old jeans recycled during a working visit

She was not wearing any jeans during the working visit to MUD Jeans, but Máxima did have two with her this morning.

MUD Jeans is a circular fashion company that sustainably develops and reuses jeans, one of the most polluting items in the fashion industry, to minimize the impact on the environment. Every MUD Jeans is produced from twenty to forty percent recycled denim and additionally uses organic cotton. After use, the jeans are recycled again. MUD Jeans aims to ultimately be able to make jeans from one hundred percent old jeans, so that new cotton is no longer needed. The company has also launched Lease a Jeans: this model allows customers to rent jeans on a monthly basis. The impact on people and the environment is also kept small by a short production chain and by paying attention to good working conditions in the factories.

During the working visit, the Queen was updated on the ins and outs of the fashion company. She also asked many questions, including about water management and bleaching the trousers. After the conversation, the new Van Gogh collection from MUD Jeans was presented.

She then took a look at a jeans shredder and also had two jeans from her own wardrobe recycled.

Outfit: Gray turtleneck + jacket and gray blue trousers
Designer: Natan
Worn before: yes