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Political tension has never been higher in Bosnia and Herzegovina. 26 years after the peace agreements, there is even talk of a risk of secession in this multi-ethnic state made up of two autonomous entities. The Serbian Republic and the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. In question, the political leader of the Bosnian Serbs. Milorad Dodik has been boycotting common institutions since last summer (2021), he also wants to create an autonomous army. Which would effectively split the country in two. Even though we can speak of a political or even electoral calculation, the risk of a return of violence between the communities is there. Report by Louis Seiller, near the demarcation line inherited from the war.

Covid on the rise in Europe and Germany

And the Covid is again at the top of the concerns on the continent. While a third of Europeans are not yet fully vaccinated, scenes of violence have broken out in France, Belgium, or the Netherlands against restrictions imposed by the state. The World Health Organization estimates that there could be 700,000 more deaths by next spring (2022).

In this very tense context, the German government promises new measures, and we will remember this shocking sentence from the Minister of Health

By the end of winter, he said, all Germans will be ” vaccinated, cured or dead. Because contaminations and the number of positive cases keep breaking records ». In Berlin, Julien Mechaussie.

Chronicle in a nutshell: “City”

The entire British political class made the trip this week to Westminster Cathedral in London for the funeral of Sir David Amess, this assassinated Conservative MP, while he was on duty in his constituency. And it is also to pay tribute to him that the main city of his constituency, Southend on sea, a port city in the south-east of England, obtained the title of “City”.

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“City” is a little more than a city. It is not a simple Town in English, it is an honorary title, and it is our column In a nutshell this week. The explanations in London by Marie Billon.

Solidarity of football supporters

And we end this program in a football stadium, with a very Italian initiative launched by the association of supporters of the Lazio club in Rome. Lazio and Liberta.

Their idea, to put back a little solidarity in a sport where the price of tickets is more and more unaffordable, especially in times of crisis. Their initiative is called “the suspended ticket”. Those who can afford it can pre-pay a ticket for those who cannot. The initiative which is inspired by a practice of hanging coffee … launched in the city of Naples, received a warm welcome and it helps to restore the image of tifosi. Signed match report Olivier Bonnel in front of the Olympic stadium in Rome.