Dominic Raab is in contrast to the head of government as an enthusiastic Brexit advocate. (Photo: REUTERS)
Monday, July 9, 2018

Only a few hours after the resignation of her former Brexit negotiator David Davis, British Prime Minister May already presents a successor. The deep rift in the conservative government, but she can not kitten.

Shortly after the resignation of Britain’s Brexit minister David Davis, Prime Minister Theresa May has appointed a successor: Dominic Raab, Secretary of State at the Ministry of Construction, is to lead Britain’s EU exit, Mr May’s office said. His predecessor Davis had resigned during the night in protest against May Brexit course. Like Davis, the 44-year-old Raab is a convinced Brexit fan. The resignation of Davis had plunged the government in London into a deep crisis just nine months before leaving the EU on 29 March. Davis accused the head of government of weakening her country’s bargaining position in Brussels and of not fully implementing voters’ vote in favor of the EU’s exit. The resignation of Davis reveals the deep disagreement within the British government just before the start of the crucial negotiation phase with Brussels. Davis does not want to overthrow May according to own data however. He has made a conscience decision with his resignation, he said in a BBC interview. Should May still fall, he will not throw his hat in the ring. She was “a good prime minister”. May wants to present Plan in the afternoon May accepted the resignation of the minister early Monday morning. She thanked him “heartily” for his efforts, but firmly rejected his criticism. In the afternoon, May wants to present in parliament her Brexit plan, which foresees maintaining a close economic link with the European Union, and raises significant reservations for EU skeptics like Davis. In a letter to May published by Downing Street, Davis explained his step by saying that the current political direction was not what the British would have voted for in the June Brexit referendum. The UK is entering a “weak bargaining position” from which the government may no longer emerge. Davis made it clear that he could not represent May’s position in the difficult negotiations with the EU: for this it needed an “enthusiastic” followers of May’s approach “and not just a reserved conscripts”. Johnson spoke of “crap” more on the subject Davis was particularly critical of the planned “common rulebook” for free trade with the EU. The European Union would control “large parts” of the UK economy, he warned. In British media reports it was said that the two Brexit Secretary of State Steve Baker and Suella Braverman had resigned. May commented that she did not agree with Davis characterizing her policy. The plan aims to engage with the EU and leave the European single market and customs union. The Cabinet had agreed on Friday after a long dispute on the plan as a compromise solution. The proposals aim to avoid a tough cut with the EU after Brexit, as demanded by many hardliners in the Conservative Party. Foreign Minister Boris Johnson, a Brexit hardliner, had held back with criticism over the weekend. In media reports, it was said that he had called the plan as a “shit pile” before he finally agreed.
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