Wednesday, April 24, 2019
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May tells Brexiters at Checkers Meeting that she will stop voting for her Brexit deal

I was told reliably that Theresa May said Boris Johnson, Iain Duncan Smith, Steve Baker, Jacob Rees Mogg, David Davis and others at Checkers that they will resign if they vote for their deal, including their hated stops.

But she gave no details. So there is not much confidence that she would actually give up.

And the problem is that even if she persuades all Tory-ERG MPs to vote for her unmodified revocation agreement, which she will not do (because Mogg and his followers may succumb to their call for loyalty, Baker and the Brexiter purists themselves fight back) and she also successfully advertises for 10 DUP in Northern Ireland, she still has no numbers.

May has alienated too many Labor MPs and Tory Remainer ultras (Grieve, Greening, Gyamah, and others) to win the vote. Even if May offers herself on the Brexiter Altar for ritual sacrifices, the ERG Brexiters and the DUP can very well thank and still vote against them.

Why should they jeopardize their principles and alienate their loyal supporters for the condemned project of May?



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