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Maya Morsy: Women 's health is the foundation of their family' s health

Maya Morsy: Women 's health is the foundation of their family' s health
              Sunday 16 September 2018 2:12:36 PM – Readers 1

Dr. Maya Morsi, President of the National Council for Women, stressed the importance of women's health in the health of their families. The National Strategy for the Empowerment of Egyptian Women 2030 includes a special focus on social empowerment, which includes health awareness, pointing out that this initiative comes as a focal point for women's social empowerment, The Health and Population Committee of the Council, under the leadership of Dr. Ahlam Hanafi, is also mandated to carry out health awareness. The President of the Council pointed out that the aim of participating today in launching this campaign is that attention to women's health is reflected in a great way in their ability to give and take And the role of women in the home and abroad, as well as it reflected positively on her mental health, enabling her to support her family better, the woman is the bedrock of the family. She explained Dr. Maya Morsi that the campaign includes a focus on comprehensive awareness through convoys of awareness, It is hoped that this useful information will reach more women through the role of women who receive this information and transfer it to their neighbors. Dr. Maya Morsi said that the awareness campaigns launched by the council are all under the umbrella of the campaign "The Secret of Your Strength," which reached more than 70 million followers, calling on everyone to speed up the procedure. Analysis Dr. Maya Morsy congratulated IFA Pharma for her concern for women's health. Dr. Ayman Al-Adawi, former Minister of Health, praised the importance of population awareness and awareness of the health of Egyptian women. In her speech, Dr. Ahlam Hanafy, member of the Board and Rapporteur of the Health and Population Committee, expressed her happiness with this important campaign for the health of Egyptian women, pointing out that the Health and Population Committee is concerned with the advancement of women's health and this is its role in launching convoys of awareness of all Kfour and Najwa in all governorates. The awareness campaign launched by the Council was an awareness campaign for the elimination of C virus and polio, which was one of the most important issues of concern, stressing the importance of the Council through its various committees to sensitize women in all fields. Dr. Osama Hanidi, Advisor to the Chairman of IFA Pharma, said that vitamin D deficiency is one of the most prevalent diseases in the Middle East and therefore Egypt. Studies show that 75% of women in the 30 to 60 age group suffer from vitamin D deficiency Exposure to the sun Although Egypt is considered a sunny country throughout the year. Dr. Osama explained that due to the lack of awareness, women do not pay attention to the symptoms of vitamin D deficiency, which include the constant sense of stress, the mother's bones hair loss and bad mood, pointing out that the lack of vitamin "D" lead to non-absorption of calcium in the body, D is linked to bone diseases in women after menopause and rickets in children. He pointed out that in recent years, the latest scientific studies proved that there is a strong relationship between vitamin D deficiency and other serious diseases, such as breast and colon tumors, in addition to heart diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes, as well as neurodegenerative diseases such as MS, The lack of vitamin D affects the sensitivity of the body and therefore the rheumatic diseases. Therefore, we believe in its social role to raise awareness of this disease and its effect not only on Egyptian women, but the family as a whole and explained that IFA Pharma cooperated with the National Council for Women to launch a campaign entitled "National Campaign for Awareness of the Risks of Vitamin D and T "This session includes awareness sessions in cooperation with doctors of different specialties and participation in scientific conferences with all scientific disciplines and awareness through social media. This was addressed by Professor Adel Adawi, former Minister of Health and Professor of Orthopedics at Al-Qasr Al-Aini Hospital thanked Dr. Maya Morsi and IFA Pharma for launching such a campaign because family health starts from mother and vitamin D is very important to the mother and to all the family members. It is important for mother in the case of pregnancy and breastfeeding. Valam is responsible for herself and her children. "D" causes exposure to the baby For rickets, noting that the proportion of patients with vitamin D deficiency up to 75% among Egyptian women, although we have sun rays but there is a lack of vitamin D in women, noting that treatment of vitamin D deficiency reduces the pain down the dorsal healing Fractures of bone and osteoporosis by increasing the density of bones, and added Professor Dr. Timur al-Husseini that the lack of vitamin D one of the most important factors causing the syndrome of muscle fiber (fibromyalgia) and treatment of vitamin D deficiency leads to improved symptoms. Department of rheumatic diseases Ain Shams University that 33% m Patients with rheumatic diseases suffer from vitamin D deficiency and the treatment contributes to a significant proportion improvement in symptoms. "Vitamin D is responsible for the absorption of calcium from the intestines, which is important to protect certain cells responsible for bone building. Vitamin D deficiency in the long term leads to thinness and bone fragility," said Dr. Abbas Orabi, professor of internal medicine and sugar at Zagazig University. Arab Diabetes Diseases and that there is a strong relationship between high blood sugar and vitamin D deficiency. He added that the latest scientific studies proved that patients who take treatment for vitamin D deficiency less prone to high blood pressure compared to their peers who are not treated. He added Prof. Dr. Hani Aref, professor of brain and neurological diseases in Ain Shams that there is a strong relationship between vitamin deficiency D and multiple sclerosis, which requires high doses, it acts as a vitamin D receptor hormone throughout the body and it plays a large role with many diseases leading to the same vitamin and has an effect on muscles. Dr. Osama Henedi, Advisor to the Chairman of IFA Pharma said: And never support women and d He said that the aim of the campaign is to raise the awareness of women and the Egyptian family about the importance of treatment for the treatment of vitamin D deficiency.



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