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Mayan's MC finals are connected in a big, shocking way with sons of anarchy

Attention: many spoilers for the finale of the 1st season of Mayas M.C. on FX.

Mayas M.C. in 2018 as a long-awaited spin-off of Sons of anarchyand it quickly proved to be a great success. The show could have a long-term future on FX, and the season one's finale will ensure that fans will find out later what will happen next, even though it will take a while to wait for season two Sons of anarchy these few probably saw the coming.

The most unexpected connection to Sons of anarchy in that Mayas The final came with the bomb that revealed who had murdered the mother of EZ all those years ago. The mystery of her death was an undercurrent of the series, even if none of the Reyes men were explicitly with her. If EZ had not been in search of her killer, he would never have been behind bars. Who could have guessed that the truth would lead to it? sons Character?

Yes, the truth behind the big secret is that none other than Happy Lowman killed the mother of EZ. EZ finally learned the truth, as the Mayas were accompanied at a party by some SAMCRO members, which should have been a joyous event for all. Well, such a joyful event as it is for a show in the Sons of anarchy Universe anyway.

Happy's arrival confronted EZ, who realized that Happy is the man who killed his mother. His role as executor Sons of anarchy put him in a position to become very violent with those who got in the way of him and SAMCRO, so it is not shocking that he would kill anyone. The fact that he killed the Reyes matriarch is a shock. The episode did not reveal why Happy killed EZ's mother, but the phrase promises more crossovers Mayas and sons,

Showrunner Kurt Sutter loaded the Happy version and revealed that it was not the culmination of a bow he planned from the start. In addition, Happy as the Killer is not just one Sons of anarchy Cameo for a cameo. Instead, the inclusion extends the scope of Mayas M.C. and thanks to the already existing great mythology sons, In a chat with THR, Sutter had the following to say about Happy as a murderer of EZ's mother:

I started thinking about the payout when EZ chased the one armed man who killed his mother. I wanted it to pay off to find out who that guy was and insert him into the larger mythology. I did not know if it would be a cartelman. Was it a police officer? Did it have something to do with the father of EZ? In designing the season, I realized, "What if we overlap with the mythology that's already there?" We did the homework of historical mythology back then [EZ’s mom died]Happy was a nomad. We've set it up as a blockbuster and killer for rent. This piece worked as it does not affect the sons Mythology. At that time he was not a member of the charter. He was free and clear. The trick was, how can we let EZ show this revelation? It can not be someone he has seen before. We've realized that it's not like they buy their weapons. In an earlier episode, we saw that they bought weapons from the San Bernardino Charter [of the Sons of Anarchy]So there was no direct conflict with Charming or Redwood. We could traverse the mythologies in a way that I was good for, because it does not affect that sons Mythology at all.

If the happy-twist connection was not enough Sons of anarchyThere was one more. Jax Teller was mentioned explicitly Mayas M.C. For the first time. We've known for some time that we should not hold Charlie Hunnam's breath to somehow repeat the role MayasThe name drop was a nice treat. That's how it happened.

The Mayas sat at their table to discuss a new agreement regarding the delivery of the cartel. The Mayans concluded that SAMCRO could deliver the cartel "under the radar" and go through the Mayas to keep the government out of the overall situation. The deal would allow the Mayans to continue their relationship with the charming chapter of SAMCRO, which was the center of Sons of anarchy,

Marcus Alvarez was the one who mentioned Jax:

Our club has a relationship with Charming. Fleeting past, but a profitable peace. I will make sure that I keep this promise to Jax Teller.

Apart from the sentimentality, Bishop did his job as a leader, explaining that it was her chapter to do business between SAMCRO and the cartel. Therefore, the entire group had to be on board with the risky arrangement. Not surprisingly, the Mayans have unanimously agreed and the stage is ready for more Sons of anarchy Crossovers in the future of Mayas M.C.

Only time will tell how far the spin-off of the overall show will go. Mayas has already proven that it can stand independent of itself sons For material, so future crossovers will hopefully enrich only the bows of the new show. We have to wait and see.

Mayas M.C. was renewed for a second season in October, so you do not have to worry about the cliffhanger never paying off. The ratings have been excellent from the beginning, proving that they have the potential to build a niche for FX that will last for years. The second season should debut sometime in 2019.

For some viewing opportunities that are earlier than the New Year, you can stick to our Fall TV Premiere schedule. If you are in the mood to experience some of them again Sons of anarchy Closing days you will find the streaming series on Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu.


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