Maybrit Illner Talk to Trump – Between Coma and Purgatory


Maybrit Illner Talk to Trump – Between Coma and Purgatory

on 18.05.2018 at 05:18 clock

Maybrit Illner discussed with her guests the conflict between Iran and the United States.
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The Middle East is a powder keg – and Donald Trump sets the fuse on fire. It’s not that easy, as shown by “Maybrit Illner”.

With the laying of the American Embassy to Jerusalem and the cancellation of the nuclear deal with the Israeli enemy Iran has US President Donald Trump The situation in the Middle East has been massively tightened. The violent riots between Palestinians and Israeli soldiers on the border with the Gaza Strip with 60 dead are consequences for many – and possibly only the beginning of a conflagration in the region.
“Trump’s message, Iran’s bomb – can Europe prevent war?” Asked Maybrit Illner in her ZDF talk. The round showed how complicated the situation is – and that there will not be easy solutions. The most important statements:

Melody Sucharewicz , Communications consultant, born in Munich, lives in Israel today: “Instead of Europe saying, Stop this terror, it is the other way around and they say we have to appease the Ayatollah regime in Iran. The security of Israel is state-owned in Germany. But sometimes words have to be filled with action too. There should be much more political solidarity with Israel. ”

Shahrzad Osterer , Iranian journalist, was born in Tehran, lives in Germany: “We know that Israel has nuclear bombs, even if it is not admitted. Iran not. Therefore, Iran can not beat Israel militarily. We moderate Iranians have always wanted European support. We wanted pressure on the regime in Iran. But it is left to lip service. ”

Claus Kleber , Moderator “heute journal” on ZDF: “The situation is so complicated. If you single-handedly assign guilt there, you end up in purgatory. Donald Trump is in the mood to do everything differently. The Powder Keg Middle East is not the ideal area for finger exercises. And Germany is too small and Europe too divided to oppose the Trump policy. The Transatlantic Alliance is in a coma. ”

Annalena Baerbock , Leader of the Greens: “International treaties are nullified with a coup, a Twitter post. That’s why the EU has to act. How do we want to maintain multilateralism in an international world if treaties are simply not respected? The difficult part is that one can not react to Trump’s policies with rational logic as before. ”

Peter Altmaier , CDU, Federal Minister of Economics: “My firm conviction is that we have much to thank the US. But still we may have our own opinion. We must also be able to seize our fate on an independent international basis. If there is a war in which Israel is attacked, Europeans will have to behave. ”

Conclusion of the program: Maybrit Illner had assembled a clever round that proved: You can argue about Israel-Palestinian-Iran-Trump even without foaming at the mouth. However: Illners guests did not offer a real solution. But that would have been too much expected.
Here is the complete program in the ZDF-Mediathek ,


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