An e-commerce giant competing with Amazon, was planning to install a logistics platform in Chartres. The mayor refused, saying that these "unskilled" jobs are jeopardizing the city's "sociological balance".

While unemployment in France is struggling to decline, this story is surprising. The mayor LR of Chartres refused the establishment of a logistics platform on a site of 20 hectares. This giant of e-commerce, competitor of Amazon promised yet the creation of 2000 jobs, tells the Echo Republican. A not insignificant perspective in a city where the unemployment rate reaches 9%, according to INSEE. And yet …

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According to the elected official, it is the nature of the jobs that poses a problem. "These low-skilled jobs will attract new residents who will change the structure of the population, said Jean-Pierre Gorges, interviewed by the daily. It is a question of balance: Chartres must remain a city of province. For the city council, "such an implantation would be detrimental to the sociological and demographic balance of the agglomeration". "This type of business, with a lot of jobs, has to drown in something bigger. If I had a pool of 500,000 inhabitants, I would have accepted because their installation would have been painless, "said the mayor of this city of nearly 40,000 inhabitants.

"Pumice Pumice"

Jean-Pierre Gorges is keen to keep a close eye on the companies that are establishing themselves and aim above all for a diversity of activities and a modest size. Chartres "must be able to choose his companies," he explains. The mayor of Chartres doubts the durability of their activity. "This type of business moves very quickly and can leave just as easily, leaving behind the employees on the floor," adds Jean-Pierre Gorges, using a famous expression used by Emmanuel Macron during the inter-entry. rounds of the presidential election. "It's pearlpin powder."

His counterpart of Dreux, neighbor of Chartres about 40 kilometers, would have liked to welcome this company, according to L'Echo Républicain. "I immediately turned to the region and its economic development committee," says Gérard Hamel, LR Mayor of Dreux. We put together a file and applied. " But the giant of e-commerce would not have followed up without giving an explanation to this refusal, according to the city councilor. The profile of employees, however, seemed to correspond to the Dreux basin, a city of more than 60,000 inhabitants with an unemployment rate of about 13%. "It was Chartres or nothing. We are still paying for the closure of the big factories, many people are little or not qualified but just want to work. They could have found a job with this company, "said the mayor.



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