Mayor Reiter orders: Only cold water in Munich authorities

München – In the Munich city administration there will soon be no more hot water due to the feared lack of energy. Mayor Dieter Reiter (SPD) ordered this on Wednesday as part of a municipal energy-saving package. “In order for us to get through the winter well, we have to significantly reduce the consumption of electricity and heating,” explained Reiter. “We are all called upon to do our part.”

Further measures: During the heating period, heating is only to a maximum of 19 degrees, corridors and rarely used rooms are not heated at all. The night lighting of historic buildings such as the town hall on Marienplatz will be switched off. The level of lighting on the streets will be reduced. In addition, around 48 percent of all traffic lights are already switched off at off-peak times, taking road safety into account.

In addition to the offices, the hot water is also turned off in the schools during the holidays, as long as this does not affect children and young people. Most fountains are also switched off at night.

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