Mayor’s Office announced accompaniment to older adults after influencer video


The Mayor of Cartagenathrough the Secretariat of Participation and Social Developmentrejected the video that is circulating on social networks, in which it is shown how a group of strippers dances in a suggestive way, in front of several older adults from a nursing home in the city.

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This dependency assured that it rejects any activity that denigrates the dignity and integrity of our old people and that threaten their physical and emotional health.

The Participation Secretariat clarified that this Geriatric Home is not part of the comprehensive care system for the elderly in the District. This care space for the elderly works independently and with private resources and the District does not have any type of agreement with said foundation.

“From the Secretariat of Participation and Social Development we provide psychosocial support to this type of organization who decide to provide services to older people. The Administrative Department of Health -DADIS- is the government entity that controls and monitors these entities,” the statement said.

The Secretariat for Participation and Social Development, through the Unit for the Elderly and DADIS, mobilized an interdisciplinary team to carry out the due accompaniment and follow-up of this nursing home and evaluate the situation in detail, in order to give citizens a piece of peace of mind.

The Secretariat of Participation and Social Development has at the disposal of the elderly population of the city, 30 Life Centers and 3 nursing homes: Dones de Misericordia, San Pedro Clavel and La Milagrosa ShelterIn addition to this, we provide support and accompaniment to 106 organized groups.

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“They told us it was a drill”: Profint on an erotic party for older adults

“We invite all citizens in general and the families of Cartagena, to protect and preserve the integrity of our elderly peopleto defend the rights of this population of special constitutional protection and not to promote activities that violate and put at risk the physical and emotional health of our older adults”, said the Secretary of Participation and Social Development, Miguel Salgado Padilla.