Mayor’s Office of San Antonio begins the Training Workshop for Work at the Casa de la Mujer

The Female Heads of Household Program will hold 8 sessions that address various issues from a gender perspective.

Today the Women’s House of the Citizen Mayor’s Office of San Antonio began the first face-to-face module of the Training for Work Workshop, an initiative in charge of the Women Heads of Household Program.

“There are 8 sessions in which we see different issues from a gender perspective to empower women, work as a team, socialize, generate a business plan and have economic autonomy,” said Elin Briso González, coordinator of the Women Heads of Home.

The main objective of the program is for the participants to materialize and develop some enterprise and/or work in a dependent manner. “During the pandemic, many women opted for independent work due to the matter of being at home taking care of minors. In this context, the ventures they developed were related to food handling, handicrafts, cutting and sewing”, indicated the professional.

The Women Heads of Household Program works jointly with other municipal offices, generating a support network so that they are informed about applications, training, among others.

“The program is an agreement with the municipality of San Antonio and the National Service for Women and Gender Equity, which works with a group of women for a year and begins with this workshop and, later, continues with a follow-up. to deliver the public offer according to the area they want to work in,” Elin said.

How to take part?

The requirements are: to be the head of the household, to have a person in charge (elderly adults, people with disabilities, children and adolescents), to be within the first 3 quintiles of income and a file from the Social Registry of Households (RSH). ) up to 60%.

Paulina Fajardo, coordinator of the Casa de la Mujer, expressed that “from the mayor’s office we are opening spaces to all the neighbors of the commune to generate space for the development of skills and generation of autonomy. The idea is that this house is in constant movement, so we invite you to inform yourself or visit us at Luis Alberto Araya #2139, Barrancas”.


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