mayors ready for new tightening

From north to south, all out but few fines: mayors ready for a new squeeze

All out, from north to south. The imperative of Italians, children and families, friends and relatives, has been to return to bite life in the open air. By the sea, in the mountains – where accidents were not lacking, with four victims in Piedmont is Lombardy – day and night, when the nightlife places were stormed by young people and the gatherings were not lacking – in Naples thousands of people poured onto the waterfront until four in the morning blocking traffic – so much so that the mayors have already threatened to be ready for new closures. In short, a real ‘free all’, which the police have monitored closely, but without an iron fist. The Interior Ministry, through the mouth of the Deputy Interior Minister Matteo Mauri, warns that “we are still in a very dangerous phase” and, therefore, “we need responsibility”.

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Montecastrilli, bar closes early. “I don’t want fines because of irresponsible customers.”
Movida in Milan, the anesthesiologist: «I don’t want to relive the last three months because of the idiots»

The governors of Lombardy and Campania reaffirm the line of firmness: “I ask the mayors – says Attilio Fontana – rigor to punish not the managers of the premises, but the customers who show little respect even towards them”. “The state has a duty to enforce compliance with the rules and ensure safety standards,” thunders Vincenzo De Luca.

Overall, however, except in the cases of the Campania capital and of Milan, which has exaggerated with too crowded aperitifs, or Bergamo, Brescia is Perugia where the gatherings exceeded the limit of common sense and rules, most people behaved sensibly and fines were contained. On the Riviera Romagnola, even if work is still being done on arranging the beaches, many have not given up walking on the seashore with bare feet, sunbathing vertically. TO Rimini, capital of summer fun where the virus hit hard, police and law enforcement had a lot to do to keep the groups of boys out of the way, even without masks, who crowded the old fish market in the evening, a traditional meeting place.

Also to Bari and in the Foggia area there was a need for interventions with sanctions, and the premises were also checked. The Trieste nightlife is lively but without criticism, and during the day there was the return to the tables of the cafes in Piazza Unità and along the banks. Also check a Rome, with the closure of a square in the trendy Monti district, and then families and friends returned to have lunch in the restaurants of Fiumicino to the satisfaction of the exhibitors who did not think in such a vital recovery also from the point of view of the place settings.

In Rome and on the coast there has also been a boom in the consumption of artisanal ice cream: two million cones and cups. Regular management of nightlife in Cagliari where no fines were high, even if the work for the brigade was not lacking but it was only a call to avoid excesses. Poetto sold out, with the people of Cagliari who have been under umbrellas respecting the distances, and the same thing has happened in the other beaches near the capital. Well in Marche and in Veneto, as regards the return on the vast sandy beaches, a destination chosen for walks and first sunbathing, but the governor Luca Zaia he warned that the line of accounts is being traced next Thursday, with the data of the infection.

TO Verona there was a certain amount of intemperance and the mayor Sboarina did not take it well, he promises a hard punch against the gatherings and vandalisms of those who left the squares full of broken glass. Day of the sea for the Ligurians, with the shores with entrances in turn, where the help of stewards is announced to regulate the flow of people. Many Piedmontese have instead chosen the road of the mountains, for excursions and small climbs with packed lunches, and long queues have formed at the Bruere exit and on the ring road of turin towards the entrance of the Val di Susa. Still sea baths and euphoria for the Palermitans who also filled Mondello beach this Sunday.

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