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"Mazzarri, splendid. Rome on Petrachi? Wouldn't it be nice"

Urbano Cairo, president of Turin. Handle

Urbano Cairo, president of Turin. Handle

The president of Turin, Urbano Cairo, spoke on the Montecarlo Sport radio to comment on the final rush of a championship that sees the grenades in full swing for Europe, even that of the Champions: Sunday evening there will be a fundamental direct confrontation with Milan, at Comunale. And then Cairo urges his to the last effort. "More than thinking about a European goal, it means thinking game by game. And we do it today too. For the Champions, there is a very strong Atalanta in front of us and then there are Milan and Roma. We have to play all the games with the same desire and the same determination to make a result. In the end we will count the points and see where we will be. The team is the strongest coach but there are still five games left. You need a crescendo to get a great goal, an important sprint ".

The president then underlines how "we are doing a very good second round, we have developed the team with a defense that is doing excellent things. We had not done so for twenty-seven years. Belotti has resumed scoring, Mazzarri has done a splendid job, with a very compact team. I am very happy with him, we see the results ".

He is asked for a brief assessment of his presidency. "I have been at Toro for fourteen years, there have been less good times, see 2009 when we retreated, even for negative arbitration decisions. It was also my fault, because I made mistakes. Then we returned to A with Ventura and now we live very beautiful years. We are permanently on the left side of the table and we are fighting for something important. I kept the promises and I hope to do even better. We must never limit ourselves ”.

Zaza was the most expensive player of his management: he scored just three goals, clearly much more was expected. Cairo caresses him. "Zaza has had an unlucky year, but we have strengthened ourselves and we have excellent young people. The team is the strongest coach. All this is being seen in the field ". The rebirth of Philadelphia is another highlight of his presidency: "It is an honor for me and for all the fans. We returned home. It is an important reference to the roots. It will be impossible to match Grande Torino's companies, but be inspired by them and their desire to win important ".

Finally, Cairo faces what emerges as a delicate market case. "Rome interested in Petrachi? With us he still has a contract year. It would be a bad thing if there were contacts with Rome, which is fighting with us for Europe. It would mean that there is a conflict of interests. I don't want to believe it and I keep saying that our sports director ".



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