Mbah Moen’s diploma: Just read these 2 letters at dawn, I’m sure it won’t be difficult in life

North Sulawesi portal – KH Maimun Zubair or better known as Mbah Moen explained about the existence of practices that can make life not difficult.

In his explanation, this diploma from Mbah Moen can be done at or before the dawn worship.

Basically, performing a deed is part of the form of piety and obedience of a servant to Allah SWT.

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Because if you continue to maintain good deeds and do what Allah SWT has commanded, you will surely be saved from various torments.

The special discussion this time will discuss the practice or diploma given by Mbah Moen so that life will never feel difficult.

Reported by from the Ziip Production YouTube channel on March 30, 2022, the following is Mbah Moen’s diploma in the form of a practice that can free someone from trouble.

From his narrative, Mbah Moen explained about the existence of two surahs in the Al-Quran that can be read when the time for Fajr worship arrives.

“So at dawn, practice qobliyah subuh for those who are still young in the first rak’ah to recite surah Al-insyirah and in the second rak’ah to recite surah Al-fil,” said Mbah Moen.

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