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Mbappé and Neymar, most valued players in the world ahead of Messi


Published on : 01/15/2020 – 13:09Modified : 01/15/2020 – 13:09

In a study published Wednesday by a private firm, the two stars of Paris Saint-Germain Mbappé and Neymar are presented as the most expensive players in the world, just ahead of the Barcelonan Messi. PSG ranks third among clubs in terms of staff development.

They are declared unsellable or almost by the PSG, but their valuation always arouses as much interest. The stars of the Ile-de-France club Kylian Mbappé and Neymar appear to be the best valued players among the membership of defending champion clubs in the eight main European championships, according to a study published Wednesday January 15 by the audit and consultancy firm KPMG.

In the 11 type established by KPMG, there are two Parisian players: Mbappé, whose value is estimated at 225 million and Neymar, evaluated at 185 million. FC Barcelona places three players there: Lionel Messi (180 million), Frenkie De Jong (106) and Marc-André ter Stegen (88). Three Manchester City elements also appear in this typical team with Kevin De Bruyne (130), Rodrigo (72) and Aymeric Laporte (70).

The English club is the one that also has the best valued overall workforce with 1.279 billion euros thanks in particular to Raheem Sterling (150) and Bernardo Silva (92), absent from 11. Barcelona follows with 1.209 billion (including 125 million for Griezmann, 2nd most valued Barcelona player behind Messi). PSG is 3rd with 957 million euros. Behind Mbappé and Neymar, there is Marquinhos (61).

The PSG, economic juggernaut

The average value of the champion teams is 745 million euros, but the study reveals great disparities. The Barcelona, ​​Manchester City and PSG teams are worth more than 10 times more than that of Turkish champion Galatasaray.

The study also reveals that FC Barcelona recorded a record turnover of 839.5 million euros in the 2018-2019 season and is ahead of Paris SG (636 million euros) in this Top 8.

If the Spanish club occupies the first place in this classification of champions with a comfortable lead over Paris, the French club is distinguished by a growth of its turnover of 17% in one year.

But it is Ajax which displays the highest growth rate (+ 117%), mainly due to its excellent course in the Champions League (semi-final). More generally, the eight champions saw their revenues increase significantly thanks to the increase in audiovisual revenues from the Champions League.

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