Mbappé, best player in the French league for the third consecutive year | Europe up to date | D.W.

Kylian Mbappé made history on Sunday (05.15.2022) by being chosen as the best player in the French league for the third consecutive year, something that no one had achieved until now.

Mbappé received the award from Thierry Henry at the 30th annual awards of the National Union of Professional Footballers of France (UNFP), in which he said the decision about his future is “almost” made.

With one game to go to conclude the league, the French PSG star has accumulated 25 goals and 17 assists in 34 games, which places him simultaneously as the best scorer and best passer in the same season, something unprecedented.

“Winning a third time in a row is incredible, thanks to everyone who has voted for me,” said Mbappe, who thanked his teammates and coach for their support this season.

The player, who concludes his contract with Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) on June 30, refused to give details about his future and if he will leave the French capital club to go to Real Madrid.

He explained that he went to the gala to “participate in the great celebration of French football” but not to take center stage. To questions from one of the hosts of the ceremony, she said that he will make the announcement “very quickly”, since the season is “almost finished” and that his decision is “almost” made. (ef)