“Mbappé has to be the head of the attack and Messi has to respect him”: the explosive warning of a former PSG star

Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappé, two of the best players in the world gathered at PSG (REUTERS / Benoit Tessier)

The arrival of Lionel Messi generated a revolution in the Paris Saint Germain. After his abrupt departure from Barcelona, ​​the Argentine star decided to move to the capital of France to join one of the most powerful teams in the world in soccer today. Once his arrival at PSG was made official, automatically the team led by Mauricio Pochettino he became even more a candidate for the Champions League title, the great goal of the institution that is led by the Qataris.

But on the field, the best version of Messi could not be seen yet. His debut with the Parisian team was made to wait because he had to do a special conditioning after his consecration in the Copa América with the Argentine team and a few days ago he was the protagonist of a blow that caused a bone contusion in his left knee that took him away of some parties. While waiting to know if he will start today in the momentous duel against Manchester City for the international tournament, a former PSG star was blunt about who he thinks is the figure of the team.

“Mbappé has to be the head of the attack because he is number one. Messi was at Barça, but now he has to serve Mbappé. He has been at the club for five years and that Messi has to respect ”said the former striker Nicolas Anelka in an interview he gave to the French newspaper The Parisian.

At the same time, the attacker who began his professional career at Paris Saint Germain made it clear that for him, the team’s No. 7 is the most outstanding footballer on the squad. “Mbappé is irreplaceable, in speed he is the best in the world and PSG must do everything to make him stay. But I think he has already decided. He wants more and it is normal. If he had played his last three seasons in England or Spain he would have already been a Ballon d’Or. If he leaves, we will have to thank him for everything, “explained the Puma, which gave indications that the young world champion striker with his team in Russia 2018 could leave France to play next season for Real Madrid.

Nicolas Anelka, a soccer figure in France (Photo by liewig christian / Corbis via Getty Images)
Nicolas Anelka, a soccer figure in France (Photo by liewig christian / Corbis via Getty Images)

Faced with this scenario, it is important to note that last Saturday, in the triumph of the Parisian team against Montpellier for the League 1, Mbappé was captured by the cameras of the local broadcast in which he was seen with obvious signs of annoyance at being replaced and, in addition, he pointed against Neymar Jr. after an offensive play. “That damn does not pass it to me”, was the phrase that the former Monaco launched from the substitute bench.

On the other hand, Anelka referred to the value that PSG has managed to hire Messi has for the present, which is a scenario of greater pressure for everyone with the aim of achieving the club’s first international title in its history.

Having Messi means that PSG has surpassed the others, it is a club now that everyone loves but lacks a European title. And that is a great pressure since everyone thinks that with Messi they will win it. But football is not just stars ”, he confessed.

Anelka also spoke of Messi's modification that generated controversy with Pochettino (REUTERS / Piroschka Van De Wouw)
Anelka also spoke of Messi’s modification that generated controversy with Pochettino (REUTERS / Piroschka Van De Wouw)

Anelka, who knew how to wear the Arsenal of England shirt, that of Real Madrid and who played two European Cups and played the 2010 World Cup in South Africa with the French team, also was critical of the current PSG coach after the change in the duel against Lyon that generated controversy until it was learned that The flea he had a blow to his left knee.

“You can’t change to a Ballon d’Or when they haven’t scored yet. Messi will not forget about Pochettino and it will be difficult to recover the situation. You can’t handle Messi like that ”, he sentenced.


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