MBKET reveals that the government has opened the country to accept foreign tourists during the high season. Believe to stimulate spending : InfoQuest

Mr. Teeraset Phrompong, macroeconomic strategist at Maybank Kim Eng Securities (Thailand) or MBKET assessed the situation after the Prime Minister. Statement of positive development in the situation of COVID-19 and guidelines for easing control measures

by giving weight to economic activities at the end of the year At the same time, be ready to accept the risks that may arise. The main measures include

  1. Open to foreign tourists: from November 1, 64 ready to accept tourists from low-risk countries who have been fully vaccinated Travel to Thailand without quarantine to support the high season at the end of the year and expand the number of countries more and more during Dec. 64 and Jan. 65 respectively.
  2. Alcoholic beverages are allowed in restaurants and entertainment venues: from 1 Dec.

while the relaxation approach Focus on the tourism sector Inbound travel by foreigners reinforces the optimism of the Re-Opening stocks and is considered a unlock at the right time. Because it is high season and

Pent-up Demand

The tourism of both foreigners especially the western nations entering the winter And Thai people who are in a state of stagnation from the prolonged Covid-19 situation, and although the relaxation started since Oct. 1, many areas still suffer from rain problems. The flood caused tourism in the country to not fully accelerate.

Benefit stocks, in order of interest, are:

First Tier VVIP: AOT can be regarded as the first stock that directly benefits from the first step of foreign tourists traveling into Thailand. from aviation revenue that will accelerate rental income that will recover

First Tier: Hotel group stocks that are likely to be harvest time After going through a period of hardship and preparation Both in terms of cost management and investment, especially as it will open to tourists during the high season for the first time after Thailand faces Covid-19. with a new wave coming in every season from Songkran 2020 like MINT CENTEL ERW AWC

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Second Tier: The domestic consumption group, although it has recovered from the purchasing power in the country to some extent. But it will accelerate from the purchasing power of returning foreign tourists such as CPN CPALL and commercial banks that directly benefited from the economic recovery, such as KBANK BBL.

Third Tier: ADVANC DTAC communications stocks are equally attractive in the third row. from the revenue of prepaid customer network services to recover according to the number of foreign tourists and a large hospital group with a foreign customer base such as BH

By InfoQuest News Agency (12 Oct. 64)

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