MC Guime breaks the silence about what happened with Dania Méndez in Big Brother Brazil

After his controversial expulsion from Big Brother Brasil for improperly touching Dania Méndez, the rapper MC Guime broke the silence and admitted that what happened with the participant of The House of the Famous 2023 It was a mistake”.

Through his social networks, the Brazilian pointed out that he was “very sad” about everything that happened at the controversial party, noting that he was still “processing” his removal from the famous reality show.

“I am very sad about everything that happened since Wednesday at the Big Brother Brasil 2023 party, and my elimination yesterday as well. I am heartbroken, truly. I’m still processing everything that happened. It is a lot of information. I am very upset right now,” the rapper began.

“I have a humble and open heart to admit my mistakes when I need it, and i know i made a mistake. You were able to accompany me for two months in the most guarded house in Brazil and you got to know Guilherme Dantas a little more, the heart of MC Guime, as I really am. Because there’s no way you can create a character, it’s a real life game,” he said.

“I am grateful for everything that I lived there, even the bad moments, all the experience that I lived. I know about walking, the trajectory that I built inside. And I am also aware of the mistake, of the mistakes that I made on Wednesday, the day of the party, ”he was honest.

Finally, “these notes that came out about me criticizing the production, cursing the cast, are the worst lies. The management knows the affection and respect I have for all of them, ”he concluded.

Dania Méndez suffered harassment in Big Brother Brazil

Dania Méndez was harassed by two members of Big Brother Brasilwho were sanctioned with the expulsion of the reality show, a situation that caused the cry of the Jalisco when she felt guilty for the departure of the rapper MC Guime and the MMA fighter Antonio Cara de Sapato Jr.

Guilherme Aparecido Dantas, better known as MC Guime is a Brazilian funk singer, he is married to the singer and songwriter Lexa. He has been nominated for several awards such as Europe Music Awards, Kids Choice Awards, Meus Prêmios Nick, Prêmio Multishow and Dubai Music Awards.

Antonio Carlos Coelho de Figueiredo Barbosa Junior, known as jr shoe faceis a Brazilian mixed martial artist who competes in the Light Heavyweight division and is currently signed to the Professional Fighters League.

Through videos on social networks, rapper MC Guime is seen touching Dania’s hip, the Mexican model immediately removed her hand to prevent him from touching another part of her body.

However the harassment it didn’t end there. When she was assigned a room to Dania, the MMA fighter, Antonio Cara de Sapato Jr. began to insinuate on the Mexican and in a video of her you can see how he tried to kiss her by force.

Unfortunately for MC Guime and Sapatinho, Dania’s statements were not enough to save them and the production decided to expel them from Big Brother Brazil.

After the announcement of the departure of these two members, the Mexican burst into tears when she had to say goodbye to her new colleagues: “I did not come to that, I did not say anything“, said.

Subsequently, Dania Méndez’s family published a statement on the model’s social networks. In the letter, they thanked the support that both productions gave Dania in the midst of the bitter experience that she lived with her two companions in Brazil.

Dania Méndez left the house of Big Brother Brazil

After a bitter experience in Big Brother Brazil, Dania Méndez left the house to return to Mexico and enter La Casa de los Famosos 2023, a reality show on Telemundo.

The Mexican influencer received the news from her Brazilian colleagues, who gave her a bath towel with the Big Brother Brasil logo, among other details, so that she remembers her time in the South American country.

Dania said she was moved and prepared her things to leave the house. Already with a suitcase in hand, the former member of Acapulco Shore offered a few words to each of her companions, so she could not contain her tears.

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