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McDonald’s closes in Liestal – Baselland – Basel – resp

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Most restaurants have been eagerly waiting to be able to open again after the corona lockdown. The McDonald’s branch at Liestal station, on the other hand, remains closed – forever. Deborah Murith, media spokeswoman for McDonald’s Switzerland, confirms a corresponding report from the “Basler Zeitung” yesterday.

“Due to the premises of the old building, the new service concept in Liestal cannot be implemented as an added value for guests and business.” Murith means the service at the table, the preparation of the burgers to order, and the delivery service, which the media spokeswoman has successfully started.

“Our modern service and kitchen concept requires spacious and open spaces.” That is not the case in the property at Poststrasse 1. Liestal’s employees will be distributed to the other eight locations in Basel, in which McDonald’s plans to continue investing in the modernization. The branch in Liestal went well recently, emphasizes Deborah Murith. A new branch in Liestal is still not planned.

No written notice yet

Talks have been held with property owner Beat Stutz to plan the future, but he has not yet received an official termination of the two-year contract from McDonald’s. Stutz is not surprised by the news of McDonald’s moving out. «I was informed that the premises no longer meet the needs. For example, the distances in the corona pandemic cannot be maintained in the kitchen. »

In contrast to many other properties, McDonald’s was unable to design the premises himself on the drawing board when it moved in in 2002. Before the fast food chain, the Stutz family, among others, ran a confectionery and café at the Bahnhofplatz location. McDonald’s had to comply with the tight general conditions, which the current management, which has changed several times recently, is no longer ready.

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Owner Beat Stutz does not want to speculate big about the future of the property and the plot of land until he has received the written notice. The fact that a catering business must continue to be rented there is not set in stone at all. He was open about what a possible new use could look like. However, Stutz confirms that he has repeatedly received loose inquiries from interested parties about the rental.

«A business card for Liestal»

The situation of the property and the parcel right next to the post office is not without explosiveness, as it was part of the plans for the renovation of the post office as part of the “Am Orisbach” neighborhood plan until a good two years ago. But Beat Stutz withdrew from it in 2018.

The Liestal City Council rates the importance of the property in connection with future developments in the perimeter of the train station, the post office, the avenue, the courthouse and the Lüdin area as “interesting”. That explains city councilor Daniel Muri, responsible for the department of building construction and planning. One is in talks with Beat Stutz. The Stutz family did not show any interest in selling the property at the present time.

“For our cantonal capital, a coherent gateway and access to the old town of a cantonal capital worthy business card,” says Muri. Regardless of all speculations and possible plans for the future, the city council makes it clear: «The‹ Kaffi Pöschenli ›, as I know it from my childhood and as a pastry chef, is owned by the Stutz family. This must be respected and respected. »

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